Agenda Second General Assembly

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Time and Place

The second General Assembly will be virtual, using telephone conferencing, IRC channel #foswiki-association on the freenode network or whatever other means are organised and tested between now and the Asssembly.

A Doodle vote was used to determine that the best time and date is 8pm Thursday 6th January 2011 GMT.

If you cannot be present at the General Assembly you can still use proxy participation according to the articles.


CrawfordCurrie (or deputy KennethLavrsen)


I. Call for quorum

We have 36 active members and 3 candidates invited.

Ammendment of articles requires 25% of the 39 members (assuming the 3 candidates are accepted) = minumum 10 participants

75 % of the general assembly must vote for ammendment of articles.

Proxies count as participants!


The following active members asks to be represented according to § 9.7 of the AssociationArticles.

Active Member Represented by Scope
AndreUlrich OliverKrueger general
EugenMayer OliverKrueger general
GeorgeClark KennethLavrsen general

II. Election of two vote counters

Please see AssociationVoting for the different options about how to vote.

III. Induction of new members

As article 5 says that new members must be proposed by a member and supported by two additional existing members

At the day of the G.A. these are

Name Proposed By Supported By 1 Supported By 2
BryanThale KennethLavrsen PaulHarvey CrawfordCurrie
MartinRaabe KennethLavrsen CrawfordCurrie OliverKrueger
AaronFuleki CrawfordCurrie OlivierRaginel MartinSeibert

None of the 5 people deferred last year have been supported and will not be inducted.

IV. Vote for the changed articles

The current version of the AssociationArticles have been reworked as the original ones were rejected by the tax office when applying for a non-profit status. These changes are available for review in German as well as in English.

The changes fall within the scope of our articles section 11.8 which say:

Amendments to the Articles of Association demanded by regulatory, court or financial authorities for formal reasons may be undertaken by the Board. All Active Members must be informed by e-mail of such amendments within four weeks after the amendment.

The changes proposed can be passed by the board of directors and further adjustments may be needed as we still do not have the final acceptance from the German tax authorities as a non-profit association. The board has decided to take the articles as they have been submitted up for a confirming vote anyway. Should the needed quorum not be present section 11.8 will be used.

V. Election of the of the Board of Directors and substitute members

  • We elect 2 board members this time.

  • The two members that are up for election are MichaelDaum and SvenDowideit who were elected for a 1 year term at the founding general assembly
Proposals for board members (if you do not accept, please use strike to remove yourself, so you don't get added again):

Proposee Curriculum Vitae Proposer
MichaelDaum Current board member KennethLavrsen
SvenDowideit Current board member KennethLavrsen
MichaelTempest Michael is a user and developer of excellent reputation within the community. He is not a consultant, and is in a good position to represent the interests of corporate users. CrawfordCurrie

We have 3 candidates and 2 positions so a vote is needed. For votes about people the vote should be anonymous to the degree it is practical. We will repeat the method from last year and simply send the votes by email to the two vote counters.

VI. non-board Auditors

Financial Statement

OliverKrueger presents

Auditors report

Ingo and/or Koen gives their audit result

Acceptance of financial statement can happen by open vote (clap of hands is normal unless there is objections)

Election of two auditors for the next year

(the auditors have the duty to review the accounting done when the financial year is over)

There are two candidates for two positions. Election can happen by open vote (clap of hands is normal unless there is objections)

VII. Proposals received from the members for Bylaws

  • Vote for each of the ByLaws suggested.

There is general consensus on the current Bylaws except

The following guideline has been discussed and consensus has not been reached.

* The email address used by the member in the "From", "Reply-To", or other similar headers must not be associated with an entity that offers services or products related to the Foswiki project, with the exception of any domains associated with the Foswiki project itself or the Foswiki association.

Kenneth Lavrsen proposes that this bullet is not really necessary in practical. Short debate and decision is required.

New Proposals

  1. The Open Invention Network is an organisation formed to promote and support the interests of Linux using patents. We have been invited to join the OIN, and while a community vote is not strictly required, the timing is good. CrawfordCurrie proposes that we join the OIN. The board recommends this proposal.

Short debate and decision. Chairman of the meeting decides if a vote is required or clap of hands is OK.

(Please send an email to the board, if you cannot make it to the assembly. Each present member can represent up to two other members.)

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