Martin Seibert (inactive)

Organisation //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH
Profession CEO
Location Wiesbaden
Country Germany
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YouTube-Video about the Foswiki-services of //SEIBERT/MEDIA

See our special page for Foswiki:

Who am I?

Mitarbeiter-Foto von Martin Seibert

My Name is Martin Seibert. I am 29 years old and CEO in a German internet agency called //SEIBERT/MEDIA with about 65 employees. I have a German diploma for economics from University of Mainz and founded //SEIBERT/MEDIA in 1996. I speak German and English fluently. My French is mediocre. If you are interested in more information about me, please visit the following pages: Website of //SEIBERT/MEDIA, my profile on our Weblog, my profile in Xing, my profile in LinkedIn, our Weblog, my tweets

Short profile
Education: Diplom-Kaufmann (Universität Mainz)
Responsibility: 65 employees, 7digit turnover
Experience: about 500 web projects, since 1996

My role on NextWiki

  • Individual contact for new community members
    I am the central individual contact for new community members or those who think about contributing. You could call me the "head" of the "Welcoming Commitee". smile Do you want to work with us on Foswiki? Read this: HowYouCanHelp. Or just donate some money. big grin
  • Leader of Marketing Task Team
    I am an active member of the MarketingTaskTeam for Foswiki and act as the "Head of Marketing" at the moment.

My tasks and Track Record for Foswiki

  • DONE Organize internal funding. Results: Donation of 40h for the creation of a logo. Financial support of 1'000 Euro for Foswiki.
  • DONE Create a letter for existing TWiki-Costomers to donate for Foswiki and make it a template for others (both in English and German). Done. See: DonationRequestTemplate
  • DONE Talk to tax advisor about founding an association. Done. He will do it for free. See: TaxAdvisor
  • DONE Initiated efforts for collecting money for the association. I am really happy, that this works out.
  • DONE Create and integrate scaffold for new pages
  • DONE Create a marketing section in a first draft as a template for translations
  • DONE Establish Goals for MarketingTaskTeam. Took over lead jointly with MichaelCorbett.
  • DONE Create separate section for tasks (Thanks to Koen) and populate it with Marketing Tasks
  • DONE Define next steps for marketing section and perform an analysis on what other information is available on, that we could take over.
  • ALERT! Ask lawyer to jump in, when we need to defend for lawsuits with TWIKI.NET or advise for a correct constitution. I hope to get a pro-bono-deal also. We will see ... <== He gave me a "no". Sorry.
  • DONE I invested 38.75 hours of pure community work for Foswiki in November 2008 plus uncounted hours on our own and our customer's wikis. I love this project and I truly believe in its success.
  • DONE Created 5 marketing and tutorial videos for Foswiki at FoswikiVideos.
  • DONE Created and blogged there with more than 5 posts.
  • DONE Revamped our Foswiki-Twitter-User at and blogged about it:
  • ALERT! Proposed UserVoice as a solution to integrate simple foswiki-users for priorization. Was not accepted.
  • DONE Created more marketing and tutorial videos for Foswiki at FoswikiVideos.
  • Optimize marketing content on website (also for translations, maybe use German as template) (still open)
  • Optimize registration page to be very welcoming for new people.

Copyright statement Any of my contributions to may be copied into without explicitly consulting me.

My Personal Data

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Scent Marking

I fully respect, that some important contributors in the community argue, that small changes often "scent" like a Self-Marketing-Activity. I am somebody, that often changes things in pages. I add a dot where needed or just a line or a sentence, without having a "real" and significant input, that truly adds value. I am just kind of catalyzing, what others did.

I do not plan to change this, but invite you to erase my name from the statistics instead. Please address me directly if you want to offer advice on that issue. I am open for your suggestions.

My Personal Preferences

Uncomment preferences variables to activate them (remove the #-sign). Help and details on preferences variables are available in %TWIKIWEB%.DefaultPreferences.

  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of %TWIKIWEB%.WikiWord links, on or off:
    • #Set LINKTOOLTIPINFO = off

  • %TWIKIWEB%.ChangePassword for changing your password
  • %TWIKIWEB%.ChangeEmailAddress for changing your email address
  • WikiUsers has a list of other TWiki users
  • %TWIKIWEB%.UserDocumentationCategory is a list of TWiki user documentation
  • %TWIKIWEB%.UserToolsCategory lists all TWiki user tools
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