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About this page

  • This page is the centre of all marketing activity for Foswiki.
  • See MarketingTaskTeam for project remit, team members, etc.
  • See MarketingTeamMeetings for details of the next meeting and a record of all previous meetings
  • See MarketingCalendar for details of marketing events. These are both internal to the community (e.g. marketing meetings, etc) and external (e.g. dates on which media coverage for Foswiki is expected).

Foswiki Branding & Positioning

  • BrandValues - It's important to record what Foswiki thinks is important because this should be reflected in the overall brand. This page also contains information on the brand personality.
  • OurPositioning - Where do we want Foswiki to sit in the market place? What other wiki systems (and non-wiki systems) do we think that people will compare us with. What position do we want to occupy in the market relative to those systems? Get this right and we can enjoy a clearly defined identity and a readily understandable position in the market place.
  • BrandName - About the brand name, why we chose it and what it represents.
  • BrandLogo - We've got the FW-like logo now, that people playfully call the FatWilly. It was thought as an interim solution first but now has been widely been in use. There still might be a need to start a FoswikiLogoContest to come to a new one.

The Press and Blogosphere

  • MediaFaq - A question and answer style information page, mainly relating to the fork of October 2008.
  • FoswikiInTheNews - Everything related to dealing with the press / blogosphere.
  • BlogCentral - - Internal view of blogging. Foswiki's own blog plus our blog roll
  • HalfBakedBlog - a list of blog ideas, half baked. Please add to the ideas or spin your own blog entry out of the ideas on this page.

Social Networks, Comparison Sites, Wikipedia etc

  • WikipediaEntry - This page will be used to collect information and focus discussion around our wikipedia entry.
  • FacebookGroup - This page will list info about the group.
  • LinkedinGroup - This page will list info about the group.
  • XingGroup - This page will list info about the group.
  • YouTubeListing - This page will list information relevant to Foswiki on Youtube.
  • WikiMatrixListing - Page to be used to coordinate information/effort re our Wikimatrix listing.
  • LinuxOnlineListing - Page to be used to coordinate information/effort re our listing on Linux Online.
  • FossyTweets - If you have a twitter account why not add a link to your twitter account and an excerpt of your tweets here? Instructions on the talk page.
  • TwitterBuzz
  • IdenticaGroup

Our Website

  • OurWebsite - page to coordinate our activities to create a great website for Foswiki
  • OurSeo - list activities required to boost Foswiki in search results

Testimonials & Evidence

  • Testimonials - a list of testimonials from people who supported us after our fork from
  • CompanyTestimonials - Testimonials from companies who are using Foswiki
  • SearchResults - a list of google searches, including google trends.

Marketing Materials and Events

The Industry and our place in it

  • WikiWatch - list of other wikis (and not-quite-wikis) relevant to us and our work

International Marketing

  • English - Increase the reach of Foswiki for English Speaking users.
  • Germany - Raise more attention for the German market.
  • Brazil - raise more attention for the Brazilian Market.

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