This meeting took place on September 09th, 2009 in Hannover.

Founding Task Force

the final version of the articles is now agreed with the lawyers. This means we are ready to go the next step. The task team to found the initial association can go on work now.

This means:
  • meeting with at least 7 people
  • Hold an assembly , vote for a board and document the results ( ca. 2 hours needed)
  • Go to a notary to authenticate signatures of the board members ( 5 people)
  • Hand over papers to the notary for starting the registration process

There was a plan to use the FrOSCon (ference) (Aug 22/23, 2009, Bonn, Germany) as a place to meet. But this was skipped due to low participation.

New plan is to meet in Hannover, where JensHansen is located. (He organizes all the paperwork.)

According to JensHansen, the appointment with a notary has been rescheduled to Wednesday, September 9th (cf. foswiki-discuss)

[ NB: I simply copied the information from the mailing list/this wiki, feel free to correct/extend it; if anyone else can make it, feel free to add your name (and contact JensHansen) wink -- MarkusUeberall ]

Please add yourself to the table, if you want to participate. Thanks.

Participant Professional Affiliation(s) Comment

Everybody is welcome.


I will come to whereever it takes place.

-- MichaelDaum - 12 Aug 2009

I would prefer Froscon in Bonn. I would like to bring along Oliver Laudenbach a colleague at my company.

By the way: Do we really need a notary to authenticate the signatures? As far as I see, there is no requirement for that. Why do we want to do that? We will be at least 7 people. And we know each other already.

-- MartinSeibert - 13 Aug 2009

If we are talking about a registered association (e.V.), acknowledgement is necessary (cf., e.g., the IHK bulletin regarding associations or one of the numerous other leaflets)

-- MarkusUeberall - 13 Aug 2009

I would prefer Hannover but this pretty much depends on date and time. Bonn wont be possible for me I think..

-- CarloSchulz - 13 Aug 2009

Is there a fixed date for Hannover (I didn't see one)? Coming from Hanau by train, Hannover seems to be a bit more convenient for me as time really flies at the moment, so FrOSCon now is "at rather short notice" even I read about it on the mailing list before wink (plus, personally, I'd prefer the meeting not to be on a Sunday if possible but want to participate nontheless).

-- MarkusUeberall - 13 Aug 2009

Alltough I'm not an active part of the foswiki community it it looks as I could help at least with this. Froscon would be possible for me, Hannover not.

-- StefanPalm - 14 Aug 2009

(Refactored text and discussion a little bit. -- OliverKrueger - 28 Aug 2009)

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