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What is it?

Foswiki is a platform, so you and your team members can collaborate and edit pages directly in the web browser. For advanced collaboration, Foswiki lets you enter macros to automate pages and build entire applications from within your browser. Find out what makes Foswiki the ideal collaboration tool for your project, team or business.


Project updates

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Extension news

  • TopicInteractionPlugin 9.23 fixes move-attachment action being in "dry" mode by default 12 Jul 2022
  • TopicInteractionPlugin 9.21 fixes validation of web, topic and filename parameters. Security fix. Please update! 29 Jun 2022
  • TopicInteractionPlugin 9.10 fixes encoding of attachment comments as well as encoding of unicode filenames in zip archives 09 Jun 2022
  • SendEmailPlugin 2.00 fixes encoding of emails and adds support for sending email forms via ajax 20 May 2022
  • WebDAVContrib 3.00 fixes multiple severe errors, adds more authentication schemes in addition to basic auth
    SqlPlugin 4.00 fixes some long standing bugs and configuration shortcomings
    FilesysVirtualPlugin 3.00 fixes unicode encoding of virtual views 06 May 2022
  • MoreFormfieldsPlugin 8.00 has got so many new features that it skips a major releases jumping from 6.00 to 8.00: new formfield types such as datetime, multitext, random, slider, toggle, and web
    NumberPlugin 6.00 improves performance using new CacheContrib as well as delaying initialization of currency provider until requesting exchange rates
    MultiSaveContrib 2.00 adds support for saving preference values in addition to formfield values
    OEmbedPlugin 7.00 extends the list of supported providers to embed content into Foswiki
    QRCodePlugin 1.01 comes with some missing documentation and minor code fixes
    TopicTitlePlugin 2.10 adds "safe" encoding to the bunch as thats quite useful sometimes
    TrashPlugin 4.00 adds support for local Trash subwebs
    TopicInteractionPlugin 9.00 supports local Trash subwebs now, besides a lot of other new features and improvements
    WebCreatorPlugin 2.00 adds support for template webs with subwebs in it
    WebFontsContrib 5.00 comes with a bunch of additional useful fonts, updates the set of Material Icons
    XSendFileContrib 7.00 improves performance by switching from File::MMagic to File::MMagic::XS
    VirtualHostingContrib 3.00 is a rewrite to prevent having to monkey-patch the Foswiki core engine, adds support for warming up as supported by newer FastCGIEngineContrib
    SamlLoginContrib 1.16 Includes Support for EncryptedAssertions, LogoutRequests and UserTopic Updates 05 May 2022
  • MetaCommentPlugin 7.00, JQDataTablesPlugin 7.00 and JQFullCalendarPlugin 3.00 - new major releases with lots of improvements
    JQAjaxFormContrib 1.20 exports AjaxForm class now, fixes jQuery module name
    JQAutoColorContrib 2.01 fixes auto-setting any property other than the background color
    JQPhotoSwipeContrib 2.00 updates upstream javascript code and improves integration to Foswiki
    MimeIconPlugin 4.10 adds some more icon mappings to papirus icons 04 May 2022
  • LikePlugin 3.00 is a rewrite using the new DBIPlugin
    ListyPlugin 4.00 uses the new RenderPlugin API now
    LoremIpsumPlugin 1.01 point release fixing some memory leaks
    MarkdownPlugin 3.00 improves rendering performance by using CacheContrib 03 May 2022
  • EditChapterPlugin 6.00 improves editor integration, adds support for RevCommentPlugin
    FeedPlugin 2.10 improves handling of rss and atom feeds, adds more control of which items are rendered
    FilterPlugin 6.10 adds new macro %DECODE, fixes a couple of perl rookie gotchas, adds more control over case sensitivity in MAKEINDEX and FORMATLIST
    FlexFormPlugin 8.10 comes with a shiny new inline editor and a new %DISPLAYFIELD macro
    FlexPaperPlugin 2.10 maintenance release
    RenderPlugin 7.00 deprecates expand and render REST handler, whitelist allowed macros to tag handler
    FlexWebListPlugin 4.10 fixes caching when deleting a web, fixes processing subwebs with different delimiters (dot vs slash) 29 Apr 2022
  • DateManipPlugin 4.00 comes with some serious fixes and performance improvements
    DBCacheContrib 7.00 adds a new translate() operator, fixes some memory leaks and perl warnings
    DBCachePlugin 13.10 performance improvements
    DiffPlugin 3.11 also improves performance as well as adds css variables to ease restyling things 28 Apr 2022
  • DBIPlugin 1.00 - middle layer to manage database connections and schemes NEW
    BuildContrib 2.10 fixes compressing css using csso
    AutoTemplatePlugin 7.10 improves backwards compatiblility of setting the view template
    BreadCrumbsPlugin 4.00 adds a new "relation" feature
    BrowserDetectPlugin 4.00 can distinguish edge/chrome from edge/legacy now
    CacheContrib 3.00 add support for multiple namespaces and cache agents, improve shandling of per cache expiry parameters 27 Apr 2022
  • SyntaxHighlightingPlugin 2.00 major rewrite 26 Apr 2022

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