Cheer up - Mails for Foswiki

Most of the comments below were sent to a mailing list to cheer for Foswiki.

Tom Rogel, 2009/04/09

I put TWiki on our company intranet a bit over a year ago.

I’ve run into problems and investigating a migration to another wiki.

When I saw your site and what you were doing, I thought maybe I won’t have to re-write/convert all those pages.

I’m going to give it a spin and see what happens.

I don’t think I’m the only one out there looking for a stable corporate wiki and coming up short.

I really hope the best for all of you in your efforts and I certainly support your fork from what I’ve heard about the direction it was going.

Tom Rogel

J. T. Holmes, 2009/02/28

I like Foswiki. I am in the process of switching
my personal webs to foswiki.

I will forward any problems I encounter.

You folks keep up the good work. I especially
like the new foswikisite layout and will use
it on my web pages.

Matthew Edmondson, 2009/01/18

I have been forcing my users to collaborate since the early wiki's.
They were very "tech" in appearance and this made it hard to implement

So I was looking for a wiki to generate some collaboration between some
very inexperienced users. I was going to use Mediawiki, because I am
reasonably familiar with it and one of my users is a Wikipedia editor.
But I was worried about the resistance that non-tech users seem to have
to learning anything new at all, let alone something like Mediawiki.

So I came across Foswiki from

It looks like what I want: something FOSS, easy to use, community
supported, good looking, under serious development and of enterprise

I watched the excellent Marketing videos. : ) Good effort!

I read about the tribulations of having a BDFL and hope that the fork
provides inspiration and lessons widely in the FOSS community. ( as per
the classic How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People?
http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-4216011961522818645 )

I have spent a happy evening implementing Foswiki. Although the install
was very slightly niggly for Debian users, having an up to date deb
was a joy in itself.

Now I am back in the land of WikiWords - (its been a few years) I will
see how well my users take up the opportunity to collaborate using

I will be championing this awesome fork to my peers and colleagues.

Cheer to Foswiki!

Matthew Edmondson

JoachimBlum, 2009/01/09

Congratulations on your first stable release today. I will definately upgrade the TWiki in my company's intranet to Foswiki. Keep up the high spirits and the good work. All the best!


Tapio Salonsaari, 2009/01/07

Hello to you all. I'm a new face both on this list and on #foswiki at irc, but yes. I am really exited about this even if I really didn't got my hands dirty during the process.

However, I've got couple of sites which needs upgrading for various reasons. Those sites are more like drop&forget for me. Since they demanded some attention I learned about the fork and at that point I even had a tought to move into some other platform. And now it's almost the time I upgrade those installations into brand new project wink

But my background and needs isn't something you're likely interested in. I just decided to tell you all developers that you already have atleast one anxious user waiting for stable release wink It's been a huge work you've done in such a short time. I sincerely thank you all for making my life easier. Hopefully I can do the same for you at some point.

Keep up the really good work!


Joachim Schmidt, 2008/12/23

Hi Folks @ FOSWiki,

I wish you all the best for this promising project.

I feel you have the very best conditions to build a really powerful Wiki.

The origin in one of the best existing ones, the experience and deep in detail knowldege to improve it and the real passion of many smart people that feel betrayed, but have a common goal.

And finally you already have the connection to many many of the people out here, using TWiki until now, but will certainly follow your advice, because they trust you.

So right now I wish you all merry Christmas and a peaceful new Year,

Joachim Schmidt

One of those out here wink

JJ, TWiki enthusiast from USA, 2008/11/07

Big cheers to your newfound freedom!

I eagerly await the first release.

I’ve worked with Twiki.net and was not too happy. Because they only sell ‘Virtual Appliances’ and not a binary or source install, the corporate Architecture team shot it down. Who the *&^%$ wants to put a VMWare instance from a vendor on their network? All in all they were control freaks. Your better without them.

Thanks for keeping up this fabulous application!

Pascal Schuppli, 2008/11/04

To whom it may concern at twiki.net/twiki.org

I'm working for an educational institution running about a dozen TWikis. The platform fit our needs well up to now. However, After October 27th, I've lost trust in twiki.org/twiki.net's ability to steer the project into a successful future. I also have great doubts about whether TWiki will, in the long run, stay freely available as open source, something that is important in the environment I work in. I will therefore either discontinue using TWiki alltogether or, more likely, use the NextWiki fork, which seems to have most of the core developers on board, when I set up new wikis or update the old ones.

As the person responsible for supporting information and communication technologies for all high schools in the state I live in, I will also pass on this recommendation to the decision makers at those schools.

So, twiki.net/twiki.org, thanks for the hand you had in a good product, and good bye. Too bad it had to end this way.

Marty Brandon, 2008/11/03

Good luck with your venture. I have been using TWiki for a research project for several years (http://mammag.web.uci.edu), and had hoped to one day contribute to the development effort. I don't know enough about the history or politics of the situation to comment, but your effort at keeping a valuable opensource project alive are sincerely appreciated. It seems particularly important for the Perl community, which seems to be experiencing the beginnings of a renaissance.

Sincerely, Marty Brandon

Bernd Brincken, 2008/11/03


congratulations to the decision to take over the responsibility for NextWiki -
Twiki/NextWiki is a very interesting piece of software that has not yet seen
the attention it deserves in the web 2.0 community.
This also means that loosing the "brand" Twiki is not so tragic a loss for the
developers or the software scene.

"NextWiki" is a good name because it stresses the next evolutionary step in
the field of Wikis, the ability to carry variables and scripts on a page -
what allows totally new applications and ways of cooperation.
This aspect of Twiki has IMHO not been communicated enough until now, and
NextWiki could mean an improvement in this field as well.

Keep on keepin!

// Bernd

Scott Walsh, 2008/11/02

I'd like to provide a release mirror in North America(Canada) when the
time comes for the release of NextWiki.


Scott Walsh
Systems Administrator
Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University

Daniel Leiderman-Gueller, 2008/11/02

My name is Daniel, and I came to the read about Twiki while looking for a solution for the company I work for.
The story unfold resembles very much what happened to Joomla - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joomla.
History shows is that a strong open source community that cares for the software can overcome whatever the "commercial" group can say.

I would like to contribute for this project, with my humble capabilities.
I'm a software system architect in a commercial software, with 10 years experience in system design.

With best wishes

Daniel Leiderman-Gueller


Richard Freytag, 2008/11/01

Please add c-dot@freytag.org to any effort to further this fork.

I am a small DARPA-funded U.S. defense contractor and Nextwiki or whatever you want to call it has been a vital part of keeping our distributed operation organized and professional.

Just learned about this fork through this and its linked pages:
We have not updated our Twiki in quite a while - pretty much about the time we had to get permission to contribute to key Twiki.org pages - the bar became just a little too high for me.

I think a lot of what made TWiki work was an accepting "vibe" back when I was somewhat active. Some of that was I think Peter being welcoming so I'm sad to see things have fractured. I am sure people have good reasons on all sides.

But I know that the people (Crawford C. for one) pursuing this fork have been delivering the goods for a long time. My business demands that I help if I can as this tool is important to us.

If you hand the copyright of the software and brands to the FSF they will defend the GPL and make sure that the brand you build post-fork cannot be diluted by partisan interests.

WikiNow.net is available if we can be sure that this brand cannot be co-opted.

All the best,
Richard Freytag
Manager, Freytag & Company, LLC

Antonio R. Costa, 2008/11/01

Hi guy.
I have been using TWiki for two European projects web sites and thanks to your work people are able to carry on and document some very complex work.
Thanks again.

I launched a proposal on TWiki group under Linkedin to design a variant of the 'T' logo such as a jailed T or a T chained to $ or just the NextWiki logo to add to websites.
I guess you thought about something like this.

!! Lets stand up for democracy !!!

"NextWiki: when democracy matters"

Donald J. Barry, 2008/10/31

Cheers to the real community, from which Peter Thoeny forked himself.

And best wishes to the rapid development of a fully unified community, free from the commercial proprietarian sniping that should now be over. I predict a rapid increase in the pace of wiki development.

Is "NuWiki" under consideration?

I sent the following email to all of the support addresses at twiki.net to let them know my displeasure:

Don Barry

sales@twiki.net, support@twiki.net,
Subject: Shameful, repulsive behavior by Peter Thoeny and company
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 21:53:01 -0400

Dear appropriators of the community "TWiki" brand:

I manage seven TWiki sites coordinating information for a major spacecraft mission, three departmental repositories, and three community portal sites.

*All* of these will be changed to the current community fork of your software as soon as possible: and where appropriate I will insert community advice on following this fork after the despicable behavior by your cabal.

There's still time to do the right thing. You're rapidly walking the same tightrope that led to Mambo's withering as a significant site of innovation -- and value.

For shame!

(I have no personal connection whatsoever with those you'd call dissident. I'm erely a happy user -- for many years -- of the TWiki community's work.
And I have no illusions that the majority of that work is yours, though I thank you for your early initiative)

Don Barry, Ph.D.
Spitzer Space Telescope Team
Cornell Astronomy

John Kirkilis, 2008/10/31

Hello everyone,

If you folks haven’t done so already, you may want to talk to the folks at Joomla who did something similar a couple years ago. They forked Mambo to create a rearchitected version called Joomla. They probably have some experiences to share that may help you along the way.

You did the right thing.

Go for it,


Olaf Berg, 2008/10/31

bitte weitermachen. Habe das gerade in der Firma eingeführt. Andere Wikis bieten mir nicht diese Flexibilität (Forms, templates).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Olaf Berg
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