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How to include all subwebs of web?

VirtualMachineImages misleading? How to get ssh access.

INCLUDE: Warning: Can't find named section xxx in topic yyy

PublishPluginL published web has no style (Windows)

PublishPluginL published web has no style (Windows)

PUBLISH_WEB variable in configtopic not supported?

ERROR: (405) Bad Request: REST denied

JQueryPluin installation is not functional - BUTTON

Classification plugin installation debian installation

Creating a Mail App

Error compiling Can't locate Foswiki/Form/

WikiWorkbench and natedit skin don't go together in 2.0.3

Suggested fix to MultiSearchPlugin

HTML comment affects SEARCH output formatting

IF defined gives different result in INCLUDE with Set vs

Spreadsheet plugin LISTEACH and nested function formulas

Support multiple markers with individual infowindow text

GraphvizPlugin table example: string ran past end of line

Rest interface - how to use the response object

Show preferences in a table

Text size in the table

Bram van Oosterhout

First login


Support for BELOW function (similar to ABOVE)

Cannot login to a configured Foswiki in the Katacoda environment

Bram van Oosterhout

upload attachment yields 413 Request Entity Too Large

302 redirect to Main/WebHome after XHR to connector

SearchConnector fails to return data

Custom Permission Settings and IF access conditions

DBCALL does not always honour section=

RenderSimpleTopicCreator mode template creates bad html

Page cache refresh fails from command line

Slash in tmpl include

Bram van Oosterhout

DBCALL{ topic } and INCLUDE{ topic} are not equivalent. Should they be?

How to remove Toolbox and other options on userregistration page?

ApacheConfigGenerator rewrite pub to viewfile does not work


Foswiki behind reverse proxy

Email configuration in timlegge/docker-foswiki. Should it work out of the box?

Email from timlegge/docker-foswiki

Markdown and Foswiki macros. Some questions.

How do I create a horizontal menu

Debian install fails with /foswiki.postinst: 211: apache-modconf: not found

required attribute "alt" not specified.

%INCLUDE using a pattern

Feedback link on extensions points to the Extensions web
































debian installation script enhancement

Rewrite BoundedTablePlugin for Foswiki incorrectly sets return code with -A command line option

Suggested documentation update for macro: INCLUDE

Suggested documentation update for macro: INCLUDE

CSS prevents bold fixed-width from working correctly

permission error on out-of-the-box publish

System.SkinBrowser takes too long to render due to Search performance.

Bootstrap fails to correctly detect path when mod_rewrite engine is disabled.

Adding a mode=application to CopyContrib

MultiSearchPlugin produces strange results with >9 searches

System.DataForms topic use the NEW macro. Should be N.

Update the example in the text of Extensions.DBCacheContrib

OopsException documentation has incorrect example.

incorrect query formulation with form= parameter

RenderWikiApplicationWebHome has incorrect query with default install

Support multiple markers with individual infowindow text

TopicStubAgent does not clear TEXT when an existing topic is replaced by a stub

GraphvizPlugin errors when using the TML table format input

PublishPlugin: Not all resources published correctly

configure documentation refers to FastReport. Should be JsonReport

Strange formatted query results when match occurs in start of field names like time and timeStamp

Skin templates do not accept a slash (/) as web- subweb separator

Unable to escape the removal of bracket links in AttachContentPlugin

Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at line 220.

Presentation of saved publishing history is malformed

Support a cover plus skin as the publishskin

Incorrect href for external references and attachments with query

Unable to reset password using an email account

jquery plugins do nolonger function in published material

Allow dynamic publication for html. Set static for pdf

Update documentation

Update documentation

Publish content referred by url() function in style sheets

Refactoring PublishPlugin

installed applications are no longer listed

RenderWikiApplicationWebHome does not list all topics

MediaWikiTablePlugin: add even-odd row css classes

My Personal Data

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