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Login failed for registered users except admin group

I have the following web preference setting in Main Web Preferences: It want only registered users to access the main web. It was working perfectly fine. Now, only Admin Group can login and the rest are getting 'You are not allowed access' messages. All I have done after the last successful login is to include PATTERNSKIN_THEME_VARIANT and include company logo instead of hFoswiki on the web preferences page. Other changes were made in other topics.

Am I missing something or did I mess with anything?

-- AnneRK - 17 Dec 2010

For the VIEW controls, instead of using ALLOW, try using DENY settings. If you DENY WikiGuest, then only registered users will be permitted. Foswiki appears to be doing exactly what you requested. The only users permitted to view the Main web are the Registration Agent, and the Admin user. Everyone else is denied.

Also note that with your ALLOW setting for CHANGE, users will be unable to edit their own topics unless you also have included an ALLOWTOPICCHANGE override in the user's topic.

-- GeorgeClark - 19 Dec 2010

Thank you George! That was helpful. i will undo ALLOW settings and use DENY wikiGuest and try tomorrow smile

-- AnneRK - 19 Dec 2010

Did performing this change work? I am having similar issues. I have tried numerous variations with RegistrationAgent. No matter what I do, if I allow read access only to the relevant groups and RegistrationAgent, I cannot have new users register. In this case, DENY won't work, because I don't want recently registered users to read anything unless I move them to a particular group.

-- PiercenOliver - 05 Jul 2011

Did you give RegistrationAgent WEBCHANGE access to Main?

-- PaulHarvey - 06 Jul 2011

Hello PaulHarvey. Do you mean on the page .../Main/WebHome?


-- PiercenOliver -07 Jul 2011

I mean, exactly as the text at the top of this topic describes: you need a web-level access control which allows RegistrationAgent CHANGE access to the entire web. Do you have it? Something in WebPreferences which looks like:

   * Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = RegistrationAgent, FooGroup, OtherGroup....
   * Set ALLOWWEBRENAME = RegistrationAgent, FooGroup, OtherGroup....
   * Set ALLOWWEBCHANGE = RegistrationAgent, FooGroup, OtherGroup....

-- PaulHarvey - 07 Jul 2011

Sorry, I understand. I definitely have set that. I essentially put what you have listed verbatim, except I added the appropriate admin and other groups. Unfortunately, if I go to the registration page, without having previously logged in, and I try to click "Register", it sends me back to the log-in page. Please let me know if I there is any more information I can provide. Thanks

-- PiercenOliver - 07 Jul 2011

That's interesting. Can you please a task in the Tasks web? TopicUserMappingContrib. What version of Foswiki are you using?

Anyway, I feel that we need to create a different thread of conversation, as this problem is no longer relevant to the original discussion.

We need a Tasks report so that we can ensure that the scenario you have described is covered by the unit tests.

-- PaulHarvey - 07 Jul 2011

Ok, I have started another Question. It is Question892

-- PiercenOliver - 07 Jul 2011

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