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Error in solrindex execution

Dear community,

I'm receiving the following error in launching the solrindex utility. Following the error message I reported the list of the perl module/rpm installed on my RedHat. Thanks a lot for your help.

[root@axcatevm tools]# cat /etc/redhat-release<br />Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.10 (Santiago)<br />[root@axcatevm tools]#<br /><br />

Error message:

[root@axcatevm tools]# ./solrindex mode=full optimize=on<br />ERROR: Could not parse JSON response: malformed JSON string, neither tag, array, object, number, string or atom, at character offset 0 (before "Can't connect to loc...") at /var/www/html/foswiki/lib/WebService/Solr/ line 40.<br /> Can't connect to localhost:8983 (Connection refused)<br /><br />Connection refused<br />[root@axcatevm tools]#

List of cpan modules installed:

 Wed Nov 13 09:17:21 2019: "Module" JSON<br />   *  "installed into: /usr/local/share/perl5"<br /><br />   *  "LINKTYPE: dynamic"<br /><br />   *  "VERSION: 4.02"<br /><br />   *  "EXE_FILES: "<br /><br />

 Tue Nov 12 19:03:42 2019: "Module" JSON::XS<br />   *  "installed into: /usr/local/share/perl5"<br /><br />   *  "LINKTYPE: dynamic"<br /><br />   *  "VERSION: 4.02"<br /><br />   *  "EXE_FILES: bin/json_xs"<br /><br />

 Tue Nov 12 19:17:41 2019: "Module" JSON::PP<br />   *  "installed into: /usr/local/share/perl5"<br /><br />   *  "LINKTYPE: dynamic"<br /><br />   *  "VERSION: 4.04"<br /><br />   *  "EXE_FILES: bin/json_pp"<br /><br />

List of rpm package installed:

[root@axcatevm tools]# rpm -qa | grep perl | grep -i JSON<br />perl-JSON-2.15-5.el6.noarch<br />[root@axcatevm tools]#<br /><br />

-- ArmandoFella - 13 Nov 2019

The error message says "Can't connect to loc..." which might indicate that your solr server isn't configured correctly.

-- MichaelDaum - 13 Nov 2019

I was trying to uninstall the three Kinosearch plugins/contrib to clean-up and concentrate on Solrplugin but the configure web page got stucked hanging on the popup windows reporting the working tasks. It hangs just adding tasks. I did service httpd restart, but the behaviour does not change. I looked at foswiki logs (error.log and event.log) at at httpd logs, but a part of timeout event I was not able to collect useful information. So I disabled the kino plugins/addon/contrib from the "Enable or disable installed extentions", restart httpd, but the problem is still there. Please help, thanks

-- ArmandoFella - 15 Nov 2019

You need to verify that Solr is up and running

From the foswiki server: 1. netstat -an | grep 8983

If 8983 is running we can move to the next step

-- TimothyLegge - 15 Nov 2019

Please follow the steps at SolrPlugin#Download_Solr

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Nov 2019

Thanks for the prompt answer. I'm trying now to make the configure web interface working again. As I said, the Active wizard popup window remain hanging saying "Waiting for the server, please be patient: ExploreExtensions/get_installed_extensions is working" and go to timeout. I tried to cleanup all the actions I did with no success: I launched the command: "perl tools/extension_installer SolrPlugin uninstall" that seems to be executed correctly. I was still receiving errors in "foswiki/working/logs/error.log" "Can't locate Foswiki/Plugins/" so I modified the foswiki/li/LocalSite.cfg" putting 0 instead of 1 in the solrplugin line. The problem of Active Wizard hanging is still there do you have any suggestion? Thanks a lot for the support

-- ArmandoFella - 15 Nov 2019

Installing the plugin alone is not enough: you'll need to download and install Solr in addition to the plugin. The plugin alone is only the glue between Foswiki and Solr. Please follow the link provided above and read the documentation carefully.

Note that this is different to kinosearch. While kinosearch (and bare-bones lucene) operate on their own, Solr runs as a separate service. Foswiki + SolrPlugin connects to the Solr server over the net in a client-server fashion.

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Nov 2019

Thanks for this clarification. Could you please advice on the right place where to post my problems with Active Wizard? Thanks

-- ArmandoFella - 18 Nov 2019

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