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Or: how do we turn trunk into Foswiki 1.2 over the next few months without burning people out?

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It seems there are a lot of items which are not quite ready, or even code-complete in trunk which are hampering efforts to polish up for a 1.2 release. As of 2012-11-21, there are 57 (!) ReleaseBlocker items for 1.2 and the list is still growing, not shrinking.

I think the bugs fall under these categories:

  • Item10149 SEARCH - Confirmed - versions query w/SEARCH, RCS store = hang

This next section needs careful review. We need to decide if semi-implemented tasks need to be completed, reverted, or left in partially completed state. These are the tasks explicitly identifying Release 1.2. There may be a lot more, but they are more difficult to find. For the Release 1.1.x process I've manually reviewed the commit log, but trunk effort is massive.

It's the first 3 things which I think should genuinely block a beta release.


-- PaulHarvey - 21 Nov 2012 - 04:03

I've commented out the Feature freeze date for 1.2 on the ReleasePlan dating back to Nov 2012 as we missed the targeted release on Dec 2012. These plans need to be thought over again. As a consequence foswiki-2.0 on mid 2013 is unrealistic as well. Please all: check your name on open feature requests and comment on the state of your work. Either JDI (just do it) or remove your name from the list of committed developers just to make clear where we are.

I think we can target a new 1.2 somewhere mid 2013. Maybe we can fix the date more precisely. A 2.0 won't happen anytime soon this year as far as I see.

-- MichaelDaum - 24 Apr 2013

Hello, any news on 1.2 release date?

-- UlrichLeodolter - 12 Aug 2013

I moved the discussion on configure into PendingConfigureWork

-- CrawfordCurrie - 05 Jun 2014

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