Items marked as Waiting for Release

Items that are waiting for release haven't been released to yet (i.e. they are waiting for a Foswiki release, or haven't been uploaded to the Foswiki:Extensions web yet). Each report has a list of the checkins that relate to the resolution of the item.
Id Summary Applies To Priority Target Release Release
Item14380 Foswiki should have option to use X-Forwarded-For to determine Client IP in reverse proxy configuration. Engine FoswikiEngine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item14580 DIFF_TEXT rarely used ... and buggy Extension MailerContrib Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15074 remove hardcoded options from of some extensions Extension FamFamFamContrib, HomePagePlugin, UnitTestContrib, ZonePlugin, ExplicitNumberingPlugin, FarscrollContrib, FlexPaperPlugin Low patch 2.1.8
Item15075 deep recursion on innocent code Engine Urgent patch 2.1.8
Item15076 RCS store does not properly encode topic information Extension RCSStoreContrib Urgent patch 2.1.8
Item15077 broken api to show/hide tabs in jquery tabpane Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15078 body zone merged to script zone Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15080 make {DefaultDateFormat} a text field Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15081 handle hash changes of own tabpane only Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15090 mailnotify script must run as admin user Extension MailerContrib Urgent patch 2.1.8
Item15091 only notify people of topics that they have view access to Extension MailerContrib Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15113 jsonrpc doesn't set the web-topic context properly Extension JsonRpcContrib Urgent patch 2.1.8
Item15129 FORMFIELD rev parameter broken Engine FORMFIELD Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15131 natedit doesn't validate mandatory formfields properly Extension NatEditPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15136 Foswiki::Meta::save() sets topic and web too late when copying a topic Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15137 REVINFO doesn't return the top revision info with a zero rev parameter Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15138 IconSearchPath can't be set to empty Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15139 add optional t parameter to jquery.loader to prevent browser caching Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15140 a natedit formfield cannot be checked for mandatoryness Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15142 better default labels for twisty links Extension TwistyPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15144 remove unused files from TwistyPlugin Extension TwistyPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15145 add support for uploading multiple files in one request Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15146 require packages during compile time, not during runtime Extension EditRowPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15147 in spec files, all {Module} settings are expert level Engine Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15148 core's RELEASE and VERSION scheme should follow standards established in skins and extensions Engine Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15149 improve perl doc renderer Engine Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15153 report version numbers not release strings exploring installed extensions in configure Extension ConfigurePlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15154 keep images and links in rss and atom feeds Engine Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15155 add spaceOutWikiWord() to foswiki javascript API Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15157 update to jquery.validate 1.19.5 Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15160 Permissions editor can only auto-complete users and groups found in a topic of the users web Extension NatEditPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15162 perl error when parsing email address of an empty header Engine FoswikiNet Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15173 add same-site policy to cookies Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15174 jquery.stars in +values mode Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15175 page with multiple jquery.loader mix their options Extension JQueryPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15176 mailer fails to load language preferences for users Extension MailerContrib Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15178 wrong set of permissions selecting "registered users" access in natedit Extension NatEditPlugin Urgent patch 2.1.8
Item15179 always load a proper I18N class when internationalisation is enabled Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15180 broken SCRIPTURL macro for json-rpc links Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15181 update to jquery-3.6.3, remove previous jquery-3.x packages Extension JQueryPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item15183 Fix version number of EditRowPlugin Extension EditRowPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15184 don't translate < and > to their html entity counterparts Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15185 email tests fail on newer Email::MIME Engine Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15186 random unit test failures in rcs store Extension RCSStoreContrib Normal patch 2.1.8
Item15187 remove stray quote from TML citations Engine Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item9012 make TwistyPlugin's mode attributes more meaningful Extension TwistyPlugin Enhancement patch 2.1.8
Item10239 Class Attribute is missing after Wysiwyg Transfer of Table Nodes Engine WysiwygPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item12230 WysiwygPlugin: tml2html: introduces spurious hidden whitespace in HTML table cells that contain blank lines Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item12388 HTML2TML relies on XML-specific &apos; entity Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item13344 Wysiwyg corrupts markup with mixed indent (:) and list markup Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item13632 Duplicate Report, Install and Remove buttons at end of New Extensions page Extension ConfigurePlugin, FoswikiUsability Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item13905 I'd like a way to make FW-level comments in topics. Engine FoswikiRender Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item13909 Support expansion of standard macros during topic creation from template. Engine Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item13999 BulkRegistration overwrite user topic option broken. Remove the feature. Extension BulkRegistration Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14003 Back out Foswiki::Address incomplete and needs review Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14070 Improve "Create a link to the attached file" formatting options and defaults. Engine FoswikiAttach Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14080 MAKETEXT: implement argN parameters Engine MAKETEXT Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14117 TML sends TinyMCE into an eternal loop Extension TinyMCEPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14175 remove browser detection in Logger Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14177 performance improvements to template loader Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14301 Implement ConfigurableCookieNamesAndPaths Engine Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14329 Memory leaks in Foswiki Engine Performance Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14339 Implement ContinueCanonicalSCRIPTURLDev Engine Documentation Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14342 Implement Additive Topic ACLs feature. Engine AccessControl Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14356 Content type lost when loading from page cache Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14360 Add VarPARENTTOPIC Engine FoswikiUsability Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14371 bulk_copy is not re-entrant Engine FoswikiTools Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14375 Embedded META reader allows spaces in parameter names Engine Urgent minor 2.2.0
Item14387 Improve performance sorting template candidates Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14394 Unparseable Config.spec causes a hard fail when DEBUG is on. Extension Configure Urgent minor 2.2.0
Item14416 SpreadSheetPlugin LISTSORT doesn't correctly sort unicode - Needs to NFKD the strings. Extension I18N, SpreadSheetPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14447 _readKeyValues is a dog Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14506 Implement ImprovePasswordResetProcess Engine FoswikiUIPasswords Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14507 Implement AddGenerateRandomString Engine Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14530 Add new config "RootDir" to unify configuartions of file system paths Engine Configure, ConfigureBootstrap Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14545 Implement NoProxy Engine Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14548 implement $registrationdate token for %USERINFO Extension TopicUserMappingContrib Normal minor 2.2.0
Item14558 Enable force password change when htpasswd encoding is changed. Engine HtPasswdUser Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14562 Add the Argon2 hashing algorithm Engine HtPasswdUser Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14563 Race Condition in AUTOINC topics Engine FoswikiMeta, FoswikiStore, FoswikiUISave Urgent minor 2.2.0
Item14604 URLPARAM macro encodes the newline parameter, making it unusable. Engine UrlHandling Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14623 RemoveUser could also remove the UserTopicLeftBar Engine TopicUserMappingContrib, FoswikiUIRegister Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item14631 Unable to save from Wysiwyg. Error in jquery.natedit.js 4.02 line 854 Extension NatEditPlugin Urgent minor 2.2.0
Item14663 Allow lax / strict URL parsing to be configurable. Engine FoswikiRequest, UrlHandling Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item1549 TML-to-HTML conversion entered into Editor's undo-history Extension TinyMCEPlugin Low minor 2.2.0
Item2489 WysiwygPlugin Constants should use export instead of aliasing it to some WC module Extension WysiwygPlugin Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item5969 Support IPv6 addresses in Square Bracket links Engine UrlHandling Enhancement minor 2.2.0
Item9651 wysiwyg converts bold table content to table heads Extension WysiwygPlugin Normal minor 2.2.0
Item9790 Update and modernise the UI for BulkRegistration Engine BulkRegistration, Documentation, TopicUserMappingContrib Enhancement minor 2.2.0
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