Item14147: Modernize FootNotePlugin

Priority: Enhancement
Current State: Being Worked On
Released In: n/a
Target Release:
Applies To: Extension
Component: FootNotePlugin
Branches: master
Reported By: GeorgeClark
Waiting For: GeorgeClark
Last Change By: FlorianSchlichting
FootNotePlugin is in need of a facelift.

  • It should use a "Registered Tag" and not depend upon the commonTagsHandler
  • It uses global which are not recommended in persistent perl environments.
  • It should use a template to add the footnotes to the page, not append text in a handler.
  • The {{ }} syntax is non-standard and conflicts with extensions using JSON data.
  • Older syntax and tags will be deprecated, but can be enabled in the configuration.

-- GeorgeClark - 17 Aug 2016

Syntax Rules

%FOOTNOTE{"footnote text" page="2" labelformat="i"}%

Write %FOOTNOTE{" the not text"}% anywhere in the topic. This will be replaced with a link to the note at the end of the topic. The footnote has a link back to the text where it was inserted.

Parameter: Description: Default:
"The note text" Footnote text that will be expanded at the end of the topic (or where requested). Prefixes any included topic/section.  
  f:text or l:text can be used as a shorthand for the label or labelformat options.  
page="reference" Added as a ", $page" to the printed footnote. Used to generate Ibid. notes. (Duplicate notes with identical note text will be replaced with ="Ibid.".)  
include="Web.Topic" The footnote will be taken from the identified Web.Topic following standard %INCLUDE% rules.  
section="somename" Includes only the specified named section, as defined in the included topic by the STARTSECTION{"name" type="section"} and ENDSECTION{"name" type="section"} macros. section="" is equivalent to not specifying a section  
warn="on|off|warning text" Warning text displayed if an include topic is not found. on displays a generic warning, off suppresses any warning. Empty footnotes will be discarded. on
labelformat="1|A|a|I|i|X|x" See below. 1
label="arbitrary text" Labels the footnote with arbitrary text instead of automatically numbering them.  
format="note format" Format of generated footnote: Expands $label, $text, $page and other FormatTokens. [$label] $text$page.

Do not embed footnotes in headings. That will break the heading in the %TOC%.

Footnote numbering

Available formats are:
  • 1 : Arabic numerals
  • A , a : Upper- or Lower-case letters
  • I , i : Upper- or Lower-case roman numerals
  • X , x : Upper- or Lower-case hexadecimal numbers.

Each format will maintain it's own sequence.


Expand the list of footnotes. By default, a note will only be printed once,

Parameter: Description: Default:
print="labelformat" Notes of the identified labelformats are printed. 1AaIiXx
topic="Web.Topic" Prints footnotes extracted from the identified Web.Topic  

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