This is v2.1.7


This page lists closed items that are marked as closed in release

Item10019 Add Mac OS X installer package script n/a
Item10101 NatEditPlugin doesn't work on newer foswikis n/a
Item10112 create new web only works when the template web is a top-level web n/a
Item10123 EditRowPlugin should disable buttons for context static n/a
Item10165 Parenting Issue n/a
Item10178 JQREQUIRE names and ADDTOZONE require's are un-necessarily incompatible. n/a
Item10201 Confusing error message with pseudo installing link n/a
Item10204 add fastcgi support for tools/ n/a
Item10211 Update documentation n/a
Item10216 writes output to missing Foswiki web - should be system web n/a
Item10231 Add foswiki-upgrade-check to tools n/a
Item10249 configure can't handle path names containing $Foswiki::cfg - variables n/a
Item10250 UserRegistration html bugs n/a
Item10257 Caching broken in Solaris 10 n/a
Item10297 sync jquery plugin to release branch n/a
Item10335 UserRegistration javascript blocks submit n/a
Item10354 EditRowPlugin - Cell contents disappearing when editing row/Incorrect href references n/a
Item10355 Fatwilly theme looks unfinished n/a
Item10358 Problems with Internet Explorer 8 and NatEdit "Helper-Functions" n/a
Item10363 Support putting the edit button at the end of the row in "old" edit n/a
Item10364 Problems with latest checkin n/a
Item10367 syncing to release branch n/a
Item10372 develop/ svn up dies on conflicts n/a
Item10388 Package JEditable in a separate installable n/a
Item10394 Rename JEditableAddOn as JEditableContrib n/a
Item10398 Item10344 work introduces some breakage n/a
Item10442 Header and footer should be hidden if no history list n/a
Item10480 Add unit tests n/a
Item10482 Program typo in Meta n/a
Item10493 NativeSearchContrib dies on trunk n/a
Item10496 Could not perform search. Error was: Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/home/ line 998. a n/a
Item10506 BuildContrib differences with core Release v.s Core Extension builds. n/a
Item10534 add css classes for each button box n/a
Item10583 Ajax interface: handling of special format types n/a
Item10584 %INCLUDE rev parameter does not have the same behavior if absent or empty n/a
Item10587 New jquery gives error when accessing meta variable n/a
Item10591 Ajax interface: "click to edit" is not the best way to invoke edit mode n/a
Item10592 Ajax interface: moving rows prevents from marking table content n/a
Item10599 implement async Save+Continue and Preview n/a
Item10603 NatEdit misses dependency n/a
Item10640 EDITCELL has issues n/a
Item10642 foswiki-upgrade-check updates n/a
Item10687 internationalisation when edit cell n/a
Item10689 getRevisionHistory always calls rcs n/a
Item10693 initial release n/a
Item10703 something broke the query parser n/a
Item10720 SolrIndex fails on Form Definition n/a
Item10732 does not allow to set multivalue params n/a
Item10733 Spelling mistake. n/a
Item10736 PrefsCachePlugin referenced in configure docs, but not yet released n/a
Item10752 HTML comments in cells don't work n/a
Item10753 changerows="add" allows row deletion n/a
Item10768 Save/Cancel option not presented in edit mode with EditRowPlugin with certain tables n/a
Item10777 Add row not working from full-table edit n/a
Item10798 order="formfield()" breaks SEARCH n/a
Item10799 Images in plugin description need updating n/a
Item10805 metacache perf tweak in Item10432 breaks Manage and FuncUser tests n/a
Item10813 Change in Query search breaks applications that refer directly to the form name n/a
Item10817 Impossible to register new user when missing {ScriptUrlPath}{view} setting and apache configured w/ShortURLs n/a
Item10821 Ajax interface: date selector not covering yellow "click to edit" active corners n/a
Item10822 Ajax-Interface: Handling of WikiGuest / unauthorized access n/a
Item10853 require_js is clumsy n/a
Item10856 Use of LC in SEARCH String causing a $where compile error n/a
Item10862 Initial value for date fields not picked up n/a
Item10864 Add/subtract row in full edit chomps changes n/a
Item10865 Labels should not have an edit stain n/a
Item10868 HomePagePlugin has an invalid Config.spec value type n/a
Item10875 Moving Row with Javascript Controls Prior Authentication Causes row edit to appear n/a
Item10876 Can't use textarea type n/a
Item10877 NatEditPlugin - Allow editing of Permissions with PatternSkin n/a
Item1089 Add unit tests for Engines n/a
Item10900 excludetopic no longer works n/a
Item10909 NatEditPlugin WYSIWYG problems (auto-resizing broken) n/a
Item10915 EDITCELL does not parse params correctly n/a
Item10921 New AJAX save in NatEditPlugin not happy with strikeone enabled n/a
Item10922 Edit conflicts are not handled n/a
Item10938 HTML::Tree was not installed when upgrading to 1.1.3 using apt-get. n/a
Item10943 Chaining method calls onto FoswikI::Address->new() weirdness n/a
Item10982 EditRowPlugin cannot add row if format has date element. n/a
Item11000 Foswiki::Time shouldn't be trying to convert undefined $epochSeconds n/a
Item11010 Small data makes for a small edit box n/a
Item11018 date field does not obey format in non-JS edit mode n/a
Item11020 Date field is not formatted according to JSCALENDARCONTRIB_FORMAT setting n/a
Item11028 JS date editor does not pick up existing value n/a
Item11029 JS edit popup JS calendar does no respect format n/a
Item11051 chili syntax highlighter problem with Firefox 7 and "Rev. 6-17-2011 Safari" (5.1) n/a
Item11067 pseudo-install should clean up compressed files n/a
Item11078 Prefs tests strings for 'isa Meta' - presumably there was a plan, but its not needed anymore? n/a
Item11115 handler to tmp location of uploads is kept open n/a
Item11128 UnitTestContrib test goes into an infinite loop if a dangling symlink is left in the test/unit directory. n/a
Item11140 JS is painfully slow with large numbers of table cells. n/a
Item11152 Documentation of NoConflict is confusing/incomplete n/a
Item11166 Unit tests between release 1.1 and trunk are significantly different n/a
Item11167 Tests that require JQuery plugins will fail unless enabled n/a
Item11169 Tests that consist only of verify type tests don't run when part of a suite n/a
Item11177 SemiAutomatic test case fails if rcs,v file is older than the .txt cache file n/a
Item11250 JsonRpcContrib doesn't depend on JSON n/a
Item11254 Replace chili with a generic highlighter module n/a
Item11259 Inappropriate use of Foswiki::Meta->new() n/a
Item11267 Migrate from subversion to git n/a
Item11291 Tests are sensitive to $Foswiki::cfg{DisplayTimeValues} n/a
Item11294 -A only instantiates Config.spec from plugins n/a
Item1131 add a FoswikiFnTestCase::changeSettings n/a
Item11330 add a test summary count of number of failures per test module n/a
Item11332 Make it easier for tests to expect_failure(using => 'something', with_dep => 'Foswiki,<,1.1')= n/a
Item11342 Per cell editing of TML saves expanded HTML n/a
Item11349 Fix memory leaks n/a
Item11381 If wikiguest has change access to a topic, the edit controls will be shown n/a
Item11390 Various unit test issues post 1.1.4 n/a
Item11392 Configure doesn't do sanity checking on PERL input fields n/a
Item11414 Text is center-aligned when editing topic form details using NatEditPlugin n/a
Item11429 update to NatEdit 5.10 removes settings-Tab in edit-window n/a
Item11431 Foswiki::Plugins::SESSION inconsitencies n/a
Item11432 add support for WorkflowPlugin n/a
Item11451 time -v the nightly builds to collect runtime/memory usage stats n/a
Item11456 Sync UnitTestContrib branches n/a
Item11466 UnitTestContrib claims to set FOSWIKI_ASSERTS, but doesn't n/a
Item11538 Version 6.00 of NatEditPlugin causes "Error: no such plugin natedit" n/a
Item11539 Specifying permissions for specific users/groups does not provide an option to specify the users/groups without first saving n/a
Item11608 Recent HTML::Tidy and Alien::Tidyp reject empty <style> tags n/a
Item11610 Add "Saving" dialog using JQueryBlockUI similar to Save and Continue n/a
Item11645 Sendmail failures on FreeBSD n/a
Item11653 Convert 'create new' document on SlideShowPlugin into a topic template application. n/a
Item11689 Release PlainFileStoreContrib n/a
Item11733 create a simple pattern skin theme using the new logo n/a
Item11750 Install-Scripts ignore the SystemWebName Parameter n/a
Item11757 jsonrpc script is out of date, can't find Setlib n/a
Item11770 Updates needed for foswiki-upgrade-check used to upgrade n/a
Item11779 don't manipulate {webName} and {topicName} during save or edit n/a
Item11805 A topic with no history should not respect the author field in TOPICINFO n/a
Item11808 perltidy check on checkin n/a
Item11855 Move Configure Proxies setting to Security and Authentication n/a
Item1186 EditRowPlugin: textarea newlines are not saved with whitespace around br n/a
Item11862 The %ATTCHURL is not preserved during WYSIWYG n/a
Item11873 Extension tabs in Configure need to be ordered by name n/a
Item11880 Print view shows unexpanded TML line n/a
Item11890 and fail on perl 5.8.8 due to use of newer regex features. n/a
Item11897 save Preferences on a WikiGroup throws Error n/a
Item11898 Remove id=nonwikiword from template module n/a
Item11916 Links go to next slide instead of to url n/a
Item11925 Macro %TOPIC% stripped of % when used in Link Brackets within Template n/a
Item11932 umlauts displayed incorret in natskin preview mode n/a
Item11956 UnitTestContrib should indicate test suites that failed to compile and run n/a
Item11982 broken formfield cache n/a
Item12019 AjaxAccessFixes n/a
Item12026 JsonRpcContrib: json2 not loaded in IE7 n/a
Item12051 Keep the unit tests in sync between 1.1 and trunk n/a
Item12074 Debian installed for 1.1.5 inserts wrong hash for htpasswd and LocalSite.cfg n/a
Item12101 Unit tests fail after pseudo-install -A. The default config is missing some JQuery plugins n/a
Item12102 Store / RCS tests keep failing by off-by-one-second errors n/a
Item12106 add async param to $.jsonRpc n/a
Item12112 pre-commit hook should block commits when "Proposal Required" n/a
Item12188 Login template shows NOTE div even when no NOTE defined n/a
Item12199 Improve rendering of pre n/a
Item12213 Make button icon transparent n/a
Item12217 Visually align jquery-ui interface elements n/a
Item12220 Fixes and enhancements release branch n/a
Item12225 Plugins using new version system break older versions Foswiki n/a
Item12241 Have to go through two save cycles to save configure settings n/a
Item12243 UserRegistration inaccurately reports "We noticed you have disabled cookies. Please enable cookies if you wish to register." n/a
Item12258 PageCache code should not build SQL statements with string concatenation n/a
Item12263 using wrong mapper handling password errors n/a
Item12269 style.css now imposes default widths for select / textarea n/a
Item12291 update debian and rpms to 1.1.6 n/a
Item1230 EngineTests bork the logger n/a
Item12305 Missing Percent-Sign in view.tmpl n/a
Item12307 bring back in-edit upload of attachments n/a
Item12308 box-sizing border-box breaks third party plugins n/a
Item1235 ActivePerl on Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 ISAPI n/a
Item12358 TestCases web needs some TLC n/a
Item12363 TableParser unit test failures n/a
Item12370 Problems with configure and lighttpd n/a
Item12395 insecure dependency in a couple of file operations n/a
Item12400 preview breaks encoding in non-utf-8 deployments n/a
Item12440 stop bogus log messages n/a
Item12454 allow to register endpoints via LocalSite.cfg only n/a
Item12473 Typo in VarBUTTON n/a
Item12512 wrong order of css and js loaded to the head n/a
Item12516 Cannot serialise blessed data n/a
Item12562 fix strikeone validation when doing a save+continue n/a
Item12584 Information Disclosure + Bug n/a
Item12593 ENHANCE type config.spec entries result in a configure error n/a
Item12601 sync latest JQueryPlugin changes to release branch n/a
Item12654 Interactive row moving is snafu n/a
Item12656 Unit tests fail when run in a clean checkout n/a
Item12663 1.1.9 debian package update n/a
Item12671 Update nightly build infrastructure n/a
Item12674 PlainFile logger fails when {Site}{CharSet} is not set n/a
Item12677 remove JSON::XS dependency n/a
Item12724 Can't save topic settings or topic permissions n/a
Item12735 EditRowPlugin addrow functionality destroys table structure n/a
Item12751 Infix parser makes a mess of quoted strings n/a
Item12755 socket not closed properly on a reExec n/a
Item12765 EditRowPlugin buttons not rendering as expected n/a
Item12806 pre-commit should check validity of TOPICINFO n/a
Item12820 Javascript inconsistent operation for edit operations n/a
Item12866 Clean up dead stuff in subversion repository n/a
Item12889 Problem when populating a new web when a topic has a file attachment that has no user n/a
Item12894 obey verbose mode n/a
Item12909 FastCGIContrib does not have a Config.spec and hence its settings do not appear in /bin/configure. n/a
Item12971 Edit migrated WikiGroups ends in error Premature end of script headers: manage n/a
Item13001 fully specify security setting for REST services provided by plugins n/a
Item13062 Multiple issues with Extensions installer on redesigned configure. n/a
Item13066 Checker issues due to 1.2 configure redesign. n/a
Item13077 Configure crash "Not a HASH reference at line 160" n/a
Item13079 Configure Bootstrap problems n/a
Item13081 Enhancements to tools/configure shell tool n/a
Item13084 remove "Study Web Server" n/a
Item13085 rework "show expert" feature n/a
Item13086 convert the top-most tabpane layer to a left-side navigation n/a
Item13089 Simplify the UI of every node being rendered n/a
Item13117 Config.spec files built for Foswiki 1.1 do not work on Foswiki 1.2 n/a
Item13127 Inconsistent documentation on Config.spec for Plugins n/a
Item13137 Configure use of a regular expression for authorization access is too complex n/a
Item13139 Backwards compatibility issues with Foswiki 1.2 default extensions n/a
Item13141 Whole table edit fails to save the table n/a
Item1315 FastCGIEngineContrib needs more docco n/a
Item13168 TopicUserMappingContrib on trunk older than on n/a
Item13172 CGI has removed CGITempFile package. n/a
Item13180 Configure won't run under jsonrpc if -T taint checking enabled. n/a
Item13186 Configure breaks short URLs. "undefined" does not equal "null". n/a
Item13200 "Insert link to attachment" dialog is NOP n/a
Item13203 Need way to save changes made by wizard, in tools/configure n/a
Item13208 Unable to set parent from edit URL. n/a
Item13214 Form layout in configure is a mess n/a
Item13229 pseudo-install fails to install DEPENDENCIES file if no other files under Extension dir are in MANIFEST n/a
Item13232 Configure fails with bad checker PASSWORD, on OSx, Lighttpd, and perl 5.20.1 n/a
Item13255 Preview expands TOC relative to the "save" url n/a
Item13259 LABEL in Config.spec is not backwards compatible n/a
Item13271 More topic actions: Copy topic, unable to create non-wikiword topics. n/a
Item13278 Issues with configure Type REGEX n/a
Item13287 /o is poison n/a
Item13295 Errors thrown in beforeSaveHander get are not displayed n/a
Item13297 User Registration page REGISTRATIONGROUPS is not functional n/a
Item13321 Error at attachment trashing n/a
Item13328 Configure lose ends: Checkers that have orphaned code, or perform bootstrap functions. n/a
Item13348 configure does not accept emptyok option for URL and URLPATH n/a
Item13383 Search for one character result an error n/a
Item13399 Display error in trunk/utf8 branch... easy fixes. n/a
Item13402 Sudo admin password problem n/a
Item13417 Save of task crashes in RCS n/a
Item13428 Add tools/develop/ Script updates topic metadata. n/a
Item13438 error while encoding object to json n/a
Item13441 EditRowPlugin truncates table in TestCaseUtf8Errors n/a
Item13442 Convert all content to UTF-8 n/a
Item13466 Foswiki crash in logger if installed in a directory named using utf-8 characters n/a
Item13481 Move cruft out of base templates n/a
Item13492 Remove character set encoding topics from TestCases n/a
Item13495 images are broken in the WYSIWYG, when the web or topic contains unicode chars n/a
Item13509 CSS prevents bold fixed-width from working correctly n/a
Item13522 Site BROADCAST message should be closable, hide it once a user acknowledges it. n/a
Item13548 Setting certain preference settings can break things. Protect more settings with FINAL by default. n/a
Item13559 Can we remove the -T from pseudo-install n/a
Item13681 Extension PackageForm has lost the compatibility notes, 2.0 configure truncates them. n/a
Item13701 %EDITTABLE% not filtered n/a
Item13853 EditTablePlugin js and css _src files and minified files are both in git n/a
Item13882 Foswiki 1.1 webTopicCreator incompatible with latest JQuery n/a
Item13887 Create utility script to list branches and descriptions n/a
Item13935 Support script fixes for new server n/a
Item13994 Don't install all the hooks if pseudoinstall doesn't find any extensions to install n/a
Item14072 Add utility script that fixes up topic Meta so that commit hooks don't complain. n/a
Item14131 Operation save failed with internal server error n/a
Item14179 Foswiki 1.1.x: Crash in Configure::UIs::CGISetup for alpha versions of CGI. n/a
Item14300 prevent automatic definition of hashes in Foswiki::cfg by testing for sub hash properties n/a
Item14420 New TinyMCE on Foswiki 2.2. alpha is not correctly saving as TML n/a
Item14457 can't handle renamed files. n/a
Item14475 remove redundant ImageGalleryPlugin from foswiki/distro repo n/a
Item14481 Remove tinymce_dev code and replace with git submodule n/a
Item14553 initialization broken when jQuery is in noConflict mode n/a
Item14585 pseudo-install perl warnings n/a
Item14592 Extra unescaped double quotes in MAKETEXT macro resulting in truncated string n/a
Item14642 INCLUDE inconsistent between Release02x01 and master n/a
Item14736 The REST API allows uploading of attachments the web UI can't delete n/a
Item14842 TWiki Func tests fail due to 301 error from n/a
Item14904 $* is no longer supported as of Perl 5.30 n/a
Item14913 Wrong BASE url with Forwarded-Host single header n/a
Item14914 RCSHandlerTests::verify_OutOfDate_RevInfo fails n/a
Item14915 RCSHandlerTests::verify_RevAtTime fails n/a
Item14916 RCSHandlerTests::verify_RevInfo fails n/a
Item14924 Typo in RenderFormTests n/a
Item14999 remove accidental checkins; fix manifest n/a
Item15049 don't expect TopicTitlePlugin to be installed n/a
Item1515 fighting back memory leaks when using fastcgi n/a
Item154 Improve pattern skin with usability enhancements from natskin n/a
Item1625 Don't "minimalise" atom content n/a
Item1633 Refactor table parsing into a central service n/a
Item1716 Implementation of attachment count n/a
Item1910 and BuildContrib have different assumptions on where MANIFEST is n/a
Item1973 ACL should be moved out of topic text and into META:PREFERENCES n/a
Item2016 EditRowPlugin doesn't save "0" (zero) in table cells n/a
Item2076 manage attachment fails if metadata is missing the path variable n/a
Item2113 Set file ownership with pseudo-install n/a
Item2133 Release notes not formatted correctly (contain unescaped directives) n/a
Item2156 Update the CSRF 'suspicion' message n/a
Item2229 EditRowPlugin dies horribly, needs better headings support n/a
Item2267 Precommit to verify TWikiContributor for topic authorship n/a
Item2304 NatEditPlugin does not take up the full screen on Chrome n/a
Item2368 NatEdit doesn't always hide its toolbar for TinyMCE n/a
Item2469 implement 'TAP' output for our unit test suite n/a
Item2549 Strange interaction between Foswiki::Engine::Apache (mod_perl) and Foswiki::LoginManager::ApacheLogin n/a
Item2585 Apply for non-profit status n/a
Item269 verbatim should be verbatim n/a
Item3181 Incorrect template search path inherited from TWiki 4.0 n/a
Item3938 Transform existing old javascript to use new javascript n/a
Item4214 Support instrumentation for performance monitoring n/a
Item4662 Foswiki as a stand alone server n/a
Item47 add a commit log message input to edit and attach operations, and insert into either meta, or rcs n/a
Item4782 Checking "Remember me on this computer" in login screen fails to remember me n/a
Item4913 SMTP TLS support (i.e. Gmail is now supported) n/a
Item5263 Preview with pickaxe/wysiwyg and Firefox make you lose all you typed when you go back n/a
Item5618 Implement row moves using JS n/a
Item5714 EditRowPlugin confuses column numbering with other plugins n/a
Item5715 EditRowPlugin row edit focus gets confused with TablePlugin initsort n/a
Item5764 Unit tests for access rights needed to ensure stable performance in future n/a
Item5924 Make EditRowPlugin even more reusable n/a
Item5992 "X ingroup Y" syntax doesn't work in Query Search n/a
Item6037 renaming NatEditContrib to NatEditPlugin n/a
Item6087 TSA FastCgi crashes n/a
Item654 Add a mail-adress for our Marketing people n/a
Item711 Create Email Addresses For Task Teams n/a
Item78 Form is emptied on the user homepage when using preview n/a
Item790 Create wireframes for new release skin n/a
Item8366 FamFamFamGraphics topic has got wrong format n/a
Item847 Collect Ideas on how to apply UCD methods on Foswiki project n/a
Item8498 Should mention how to ensure mod_perl is enabled in apache n/a
Item85 Wysiwyg/TinyMCI doesn't like verbatim text with trailing backslashes n/a
Item8547 META:FILEATTACHMENT link missing for screenshot attachment n/a
Item8620 unix shell installer n/a
Item8680 Have use current repository revision number n/a
Item9091 EditRowPlugin: orientrowedit=vertical does not show the header labels n/a
Item9165 create a way to list/annotate and run a slice of tests n/a
Item9174 cursor lose link position by editing content via insert link button n/a
Item9227 viewfile defaults to charset ISO-8859-1 under n/a
Item939 TWiki RSS fails Google Desktop Side Bar Web Clips n/a
Item9390 FastCGI fails with uninitialized variables if LocalSite.cfg is not available n/a
Item9456 Taint error with foswiki.fcgi n/a
Item9497 WikiGroups shows remove button even if group does not have members n/a
Item9654 twiki2foswiki uses 'find -type' instead of 'find * -type' n/a
Item9666 update unix shell installer to Foswiki 1.0.10 n/a
Item9673 endPoint not computed properly n/a
Item9681 Translation of fr.po for the 1.1 Release n/a
Item9694 With the cleaned up user page, the data form should be at the bottom again n/a
Item9701 Scream loudly that mod_fastcgi bad, mod_fcgid good n/a
Item9717 Foswiki cache doesn't always update after save so SEARCH for topics will almost always be out of date. n/a
Item9718 Typo in ChangeEmailAddress "include" instead of "including" + wording correction n/a
Item9719 Typo in DefaultUserRegistration suggesting to select the "Wiki" to join, presumably instead of the "Group" to join n/a
Item9728 Exlamation mark in a header renders as _33text in the TOC generated table n/a
Item9745 Wide images hidden by nav bar n/a
Item9748 MAKETEXTed and translated strings not displayed in the translated language and remaining in English n/a
Item9766 Topic permissions set via NatEditPlugin UI not being applied n/a
Item9775 EditRowPlugin is missing section headings from Config.spec n/a
Item9789 update unix shell installer to Foswiki 1.1.0 n/a
Item9791 Save not working with Apache auth integrated with Active Directory using mod_auth_sspi n/a
Item9793 DIfferent behaviour with IF statement and 'ingroup' n/a
Item9795 set trunk to be 1.2.0-alpha n/a
Item9852 AutoSearch test case fails because of missing user n/a
Item9854 Foswiki::Logger::Compatibility ignores cofiguration of Logfilenames n/a
Item9891 Update jquery nyroModal lib in configure n/a
Item9902 FastCGIEngineContrib - adding more resources in documentation n/a
Item9934 small tweaks to VarQUERY n/a
Item9957 Use of uninitialized value in foswiki.fcgi n/a
Item9972 Foswiki/Engine/ patch to chmod unix domain socket n/a
Topic revision: r7 - 06 Sep 2010, CrawfordCurrie
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