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Does this plugin work in 1.1.9?

I see that I'm not the only one finding that this doesn't work after upgrading to 1.1.9 (in my case, from 1.1.4):,Thu&sel=147#l143

But I can't find any other discussion of the problem. I see no errors in the log files.

-- JacobEtches - 06 Jan 2016

I just installed and ran a quick test on 2.0.3. It seems to be basically functional on 2.0 with ASCII topic names and search strings. It's not working with utf-8.

Have you also checked InstalledPlugins? Some plugin failures will be reported there. Could you also provide a bit more information about "Does not work". Does it not search, Search but not find anything, Find but not replace ???

-- GeorgeClark - 07 Jan 2016

Interesting. I have no errors in InstalledPlugins. When I submit the form, it refreshes with no results at all, and loses the form contents. I can't remember if the form was sticky under 1.1.4 or not.

I wonder if I've upgraded a dependency that is not backwards compatible with 1.1.9 in some way? But GuilainCabannes reported the same issue in Feb 2014, which isn't consistent with a recent update breaking the plugin.

Here is a list of the plugins currently installed and enabled in the configuration on this Foswiki site:
  • Spread Sheet Plugin (1.20, 1.20): Add spreadsheet calculations like "$SUM($ABOVE())" to Foswiki tables and other topic text
  • Slide Show Plugin (2.21, 2.21): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings
  • Comment Plugin (1.1.6, v1.1.6): Quickly post comments to a page without an edit/save cycle
  • Action Tracker Plugin (2013-02-27, 2.4.10): Adds support for action tags in topics, and automatic notification of action statuses
  • Auto Template Plugin (4.00, 4.00): Automatically sets VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE
  • Auto View Template Plugin (2015-08-18, 1.22): Automatically sets VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE
  • Bread Crumbs Plugin (23 Apr 2014, 2.51): A flexible way to display breadcrumbs navigation
  • Compare Revisions Addon Plugin (1.114, 1.114):
  • Contributors Plugin (2.0, $Rev: 10305 (2010-12-14) $): List editors of a topic, and topics edited by a user"
  • Date Time Plugin (1.2, 4740): Display date and time with formatting options, relative date parameters and localized dates
  • Directed Graph Plugin (1.14, 1.14): Draw graphs using the GraphViz utility
  • Edit Chapter Plugin (4.71, 4.71): An easy sectional edit facility
  • Edit Table Plugin (4.44, 4.44): Edit tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
  • Excel Import Export Plugin (Foswiki, $Rev: 0$): Renders an attached Excel spreadsheet as Foswiki table
  • Explicit Numbering Plugin (1.6.2, $Rev: 12385 (2011-08-25) $): Use the ##., ##.. etc. notation to insert outline numbering sequences (1, 1.1, 2, 2.1) in topic's text. Also support numbered headings.
  • External Link Plugin (1.30, 1.30): Adds a visual indicator to outgoing links
  • Filter Plugin (4.01, 4.01): Substitute and extract information from content by using regular expressions
  • Find Elsewhere Plugin (2.5, 2.5): Automatically link to another web(s) if a topic isn't found in the current web.
  • Flex Form Plugin (4.00, 4.00): Flexible way to render DataForms
  • Flex Web List Plugin (1.93, 1.93): Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists
  • Global Replace Plugin ($Rev: 2960 (2009-03-10) $, $Rev: 2960 (2009-03-10) $): Global search and replace functionality across all topics in a web
  • History Plugin (1.12, 1.12): Shows a complete history of a topic
  • Https Redirect Plugin (1.1, $Rev: 11242 (2011-03-27) $ (2011-03-28)): Redirect authenticated users to HTTPS url.
  • Image Plugin (7.00, 7.00): Image and thumbnail services to display and alignment images using an easy syntax
  • Interwiki Plugin (1.22, 1.22): Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
  • JQuery Plugin (23 Feb 2015, 6.10): jQuery JavaScript library for Foswiki
  • Mailer Contrib Plugin (2.82, 2.82): Supports e-mail notification of changes
  • Mime Icon Plugin (1.20, 1.20): Icon sets for mimetypes
  • Nat Edit Plugin (30 Jul 2015, 9.04): A Wikiwyg Editor
  • Page Optimizer Plugin (23 Feb 2015, 1.00): Optimize html markup, as well as js and css
  • Preferences Plugin (1.16, 1.16): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
  • Redirect Plugin (1.12, 1.12): Create a redirect to another topic or website.
  • Render List Plugin (2.27, 2.27): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
  • Render Plugin (3.22, 3.22): Render WikiApplications asynchronously
  • Set Variable Plugin (2.33, 2.33): Flexible handling of topic variables
  • Smilies Plugin (25 Jun 2015, 2.02): Render smilies like smile as icons
  • Solr Plugin (17 Jul 2015, 4.00): Enterprise Search Engine for Foswiki based on Solr
  • Spaced Wiki Word Plugin (1.0.1, $Rev: 9953 (2010-11-11) $): Display topic links spaced out
  • Table Plugin (1.142, 1.142): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
  • Tag Cloud Plugin (3.01, 3.01): Renders a tag cloud given a list of terms
  • Tiny MCEPlugin (1.2.9, v1.2.9): Integration of the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG Editor
  • Topic Interaction Plugin (3.70, 3.70): Improved interaction with attachments and DataForms
  • Tree Plugin (1.9.1, $Rev: 6156 (2010-01-27) $): Renders topics' parent-child relationships as hierarchical tree view. Useful for dynamic site maps and threads.
  • Twisty Plugin (1.62, 1.62): Twisty section Javascript library to open/close content dynamically
  • Wysiwyg Plugin (14 Jun 2015, 1.31): Translator framework for WYSIWYG editors

-- JacobEtches - 07 Jan 2016

Please run a trace when you submit the form. ( Browser debugging tools - network panel for ex.) and make sure that there is no redirect occurring. The form is hardcoded to submit a "POST" to %SCRIPTURLPATH%/viewauth. If your web server redirects, it will change it from a POST to a GET which would cause the page refresh. This extension is in very bad need for an upgrade and needs a developer to adopt it. Any sites that have migrated to utf-8 and use non-ASCII web names, topic names, or topic text will find that this extension won't work. It is also not following good practices, updating with the "view" script, not using strikeone protection, etc. The advice that is gives - to keep this disabled when not needed, is good advice.

-- GeorgeClark - 07 Jan 2016

Thanks! The server is redirecting. I get a quick status 302, then a 4.3s GET with status 200. I'm out of my depth here - why is it redirecting and how do we change that? Is it because we are redirecting everything to HTTPS? The initiator for the POST is "other" and for the GET it's https://.../bin/view/System/GlobalSearchAndReplace.

-- JacobEtches - 07 Jan 2016

What does the initial URL with the 302 look like. Is it https:/ What's different between the initial URL and the redirected URL. You can probably just edit the GlobalSearchAndReplace page and replace the action='...' on the two <form ...> statements with a URL for your site that does not redirect.

-- GeorgeClark - 07 Jan 2016

Wow - thanks very much! So easy. I just replaced SCRIPTURLPATH with our https address, and we're back in business.

-- JacobEtches - 07 Jan 2016

That may be a hint that something else is misconfigured in the Foswiki setup. You should check other URLs on your site and make sure that none of the generated URLs are redirecting either. Edit links, Table Of Contents links (which normally should not even interact with the server), etc. If you are getting redirect under normal circumstances, there may be other subtle breakage that you need to address. Critical configuration are: {DefaultHostUrl}, {ScriptUrlPath} and {ScriptUrlPaths}{view}

-- GeorgeClark - 07 Jan 2016

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