DFDCONNECT{...} -- renders an IPC diagram or list

The DFDCONNECT macro renders either a graph of the interconnections between entities (data type or process), or a formatted text (or HTML or wiki mark-up) representation of that graph.

  • Parameters:
    Parameter Description Default
    id Entity ID none, required parameter
    type Graph type, see below none, required parameter
    dir See below 3 (both)
    level The depth of the diagram, i.e. how many links away from id will be included. 0
    datanodes If non-zero, render data types as nodes in graphs 0 (do not render data types as nodes)
    printself If 0, the proc indicated by id will not be listed in the output. Valid with format only. Given proc is listed in output.
    nolocales For graphs, processes are clustered by locale. If this parameter is non-zero, the nodes are not clustered 0
    aggregate If 0, apply "format" to each matching XML node. See below. 1
    atomempty If 1, insert the empty value for individual (atomic) XPath subexpressions in format that have no results. 0
    hidedeprecated If 1, deprecated entities will not be rendered 0
    separator Specifies text to insert between each record of formatted output. $n() (newline)
    newline Text to insert in the output, if aggregate is 1, between aggregated matches. <br/>
    empty Text to insert into formatted output if an XPath expression matches nothing.  
    zeroresults Text to display if there are no matches to the query expression. No results.$n
    label Indicate how wiki links are labeled, with the Entity id, spec, aspec (abbreviated spec) or topic name
    format Specifies the output format using an XPath expression. none
    header Specifies text to insert at the top of formatted output. none
    footer Specifies text to insert at the bottom of formatted output. none
    locales Only render entities within in the given list of comma-separated locale IDs all locales are included
    exclocales Do not render entities withing the given list of comma-separated locale IDs no locales are excluded

Output is generated using data from DFDDATA macros and DFDPROC macros.

Graph Types
Render a connection diagram between Process and Data Type entities, using a Process entity as a starting point. May have multiple starting points, depending on Locale associations and macro parameters.
Render a connection diagram between Process and Data Type entities, using a Data Type entity as a starting point. Aside from the obvious, such a diagram may also have multiple "starting points" due to the fact that multiple Processes may utilize the requested Data Type. The only Data Type entities appearing in the graph will be those matching the specified ID.
Render a connection diagram between Process and Data Type entities, where only Data Types that are members of the specified group are rendered, along with the Process entities that utilize those Data Types.
Similar to a "data" graph type; additionally takes into account the translation between Data Types as specified in Process definitions (via DFDPROC macros).

See DataFlowDiaPluginFormatting for details on formatted text output.
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