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The RenderFormPlugin handles the tag %RENDERFORM{...}%. The tag will be replaced by a form that is defined and looks like DataForms. It helps you to create a new topic with DataForms or to edit or view existing topic form data. The form data can be changed without pushing the topic edit button. The tag can be used at any topic to show, edit or create DataForms data from any other topic.

  • easy to use: 1. define a form, 2. put the %RENDERFORM{...}% tag on a topic (you do not need to register a form or edit a page to add the form to a topic)
  • supports all form field types of DataForms (text, textarea, checkbox, checkbox+buttons , date, select, select+multi, radio, label)
  • supports 3 modes (mode option): create (default), edit, view (default if a topic exists)
  • mode switching: edit to view and view to edit
  • simple JavaScript based form field validator for mandatory fields
  • hide some form fields (hidden option)
  • change display order of form fields (order option)
  • use URL parameters to override options (query parameter names: rfp_<attribute>)
  • define your own (mode dependent) form layout (layout option)

Example (image):


Syntax Rules

  • Usage: %RENDERFORM{attr1="val1" attr2="val2" ...}%
  • Example: %RENDERFORM{"DataFormDefinition"}% (=%RENDERFORM{form="DataFormDefinition"}%)

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create a new topic (e.g. TestForm) for your DataForms definition and put the following to the new topic (ALERT! EditTablePlugin required):
    | *Name* | *Type* | *Size* | *Values* | *Tooltip message* | *Attributes* |
  2. Add some new rows to your DataForms definition by editing the definition table.
  3. Create a new topic (e.g. MyTestTopic) and put the following to this new topic:
    %SEARCH{search="MyTestTopic\d+" scope="topic" type="regex"}%
  4. Have fun by creating new topics with forms (e.g. topic names: MyTestTopic0, MyTestTopic1, ...). smile

Usage Examples

Simple Help Desk

  • SimpleHelpDeskForm topic:
    | *Name* | *Type* | *Size* | *Values* | *Tooltip message* | *Attributes* |
    | Question | text | 80 | | | M |
    | Details | textarea | 80x10 | | please fill in some details ... | |
    | Answer | textarea | 80x10 | | Answer | |
    | State | select | 1 | open,closed | | |
  • SimpleHelpDesk topic:
    %RENDERFORM{"SimpleHelpDeskForm" hidden="Answer,State" createbutton="submit" hideheader="yes" text="Back to !SimpleHelpDesk"}%
    | *Question* | *Date* | *State* |
    %SEARCH{search="SimpleHelpDesk\d+" scope="topic" type="regex" nonoise="on" format="| <a href=\"SimpleHelpDesk?rfp_topic=$topic;rfp_hidden=;rfp_hideheader=off\">$formfield(Question)</a> | $date | $formfield(State) |"}% 

Nice Help Desk

  • NiceHelpDeskForm topic:
    | *Name* | *Type* | *Size* | *Values* | *Tooltip message* | *Attributes* |
    | Question | text | 80 | | | M |
    | Details | textarea | 80x10 | | please fill in some details ... | |
    | Answer | textarea | 80x10 | | Answer | |
    | State | select | 1 | open,closed | | |
  • NiceHelpDeskTemplate:
    ---++ Question: %FORMFIELD{"Question"}% - State: %FORMFIELD{"State"}%
    %FORMFIELD{"Details" default="no details"}%
    ---++ Answer
    %FORMFIELD{"Answer" default="no answer yet"}%
    ---++ Comments
  • NiceHelpDesk topic:
    %RENDERFORM{"NiceHelpDeskForm" templatetopic="NiceHelpDeskTemplate" hidden="Answer,State" createbutton="submit" hideheader="yes"}%
    | *Question* | *Date* | *State* | *Action* |
    %SEARCH{search="NiceHelpDesk\d+" scope="topic" type="regex" nonoise="on" format="| [[$topic][$formfield(Question)]]| $date | $formfield(State) | <a href=\"NiceHelpDesk?rfp_topic=$topic;rfp_hidden=;rfp_hideheader=off\" title=\"View form data\">[V]</a>  <a href=\"NiceHelpDesk?rfp_topic=$topic;rfp_hidden=;rfp_hideheader=off;rfp_mode=edit\" title=\"edit form data\">[E]</a>  | "}%


Attribute Description Default / Example
dateformat overrides the JSCALENDARDATEFORMAT preference for date fields dateformat="%d %b %Y"
donotnotify disables notifications undefined / donotnotify="on"
form (required attribute) a name of a topic with a DataForms definition undefined / form="MyTestForm"
hidden a comma separated list of form field names to hide in all modes undefined / hidden="Field1,Field2"
hideheader if set, disables the form header hideheader="no"
layout a topic with a layout (see Form Layout section); syntax: layout="<topic>#<layout name>"; if layout name is omitted a default layout will be taken undefined / layout="TestFormLayout#test1"
mode render mode of the form, allowed values: create (default), edit, view (default if topic exists) mode="create"
onlynewtopic disables overwrite of existing topics onlynewtopic="on"
onlywikiname disallows the usage of non-System.WikiWords for topic names onlywikiname="on"
order changes the display order of form fields; order value is a comma separated list of field names; if the order list is incomplete all missing and unhidden form fields will be added; there are special values for order: [:alpha:], [:dalpha:], [:num:] and [:dnum:], e.g. order="[:alpha:]" to sort all fields alphanumerical undefined / order="Field1, Field2"
redirectto used in the action script (Eg. save) to redirect the user to a desired page/URL after successful submit undefined / redirectto="%BASETOPIC%"
script changes the behavior of edit/create modes; allowed values: save - saves the form data; edit - edit the resulting topic script="save"
template a template name for predefined attributes undefined / template="helpdesk"
templatetopic a template topic; useful for the create mode undefined / templatetopic="MyHelpDeskTopicTemplate"
text the topic text; text will be ignored if a templatetopic is defined undefined / text="my small topic text"
topic an existing topic for edit and view mode or a topic template name for a new topic (create mode) (e.g. TestFormDataXXXXXXXXXX) topic="%TOPIC%XXXXXXXXXX" / topic="TestFormData%SERVERTIME{$epoch}%"
topicparent a topic parent; useful for the create mode; if undefined the form topic will be used topicparent="%WEB%.%TOPIC%" / topicparent="MyHelpDesk"

Form Layout

Usage: %RENDERFORM{"<form definition>" ... layout="<layout topic>"}%
-or- %RENDERFORM{"<form definition>" ... layout="<layout topic>#<layout name>"}%

  • a form layout is surrounded with the tags %STARTRENDERFORMLAYOUT% and %STOPRENDERFORMLAYOUT%, e.g:
       -- a default layout --
    < your layout >
       -- OR a named layout --
    %STARTRENDERFORMLAYOUT{"< layout name >"}% 
    < your layout >
       -- OR a named layout for view mode --
    %STARTRENDERFORMLAYOUT{"< layout name >" mode="view"}% 
    < your layout >
  • the layout names 'view', 'create' and 'edit' are reserved and should be used for mode specific layout definitions
  • if you use the mode option in %STARTRENDERFORMLAYOUT% this layout definition will be used only in the given mode (allowed modes: create,edit,view)
  • you can use form data values (view mode) or form fields (create/edit mode) by typing a tag like @< form field  name >@, e.g. @Question@

Following tags are reserved and replaced by ...
Tag Replaced by
@FORMTOPIC@ the form topic name
@OPTION(<attribute name>)@ the attribute value, e.g. @OPTION(mode)@
@SUBMIT@ a submit button or empty string in view mode (hint: change the button text with the createbutton or editbutton attributes)
@SWITCH@ a link to switch between edit and view mode
@TOPIC@ the (target) topic name of the topic with a form

  • The default field marker '@' can be changed with the fieldmarker attribute.
  • Put the complete layout definition between <verbatim>...</verbatim> tags to make the definition visible in the topic view.

Form Layout Example:
|  *@TOPIC@@SWITCH@ / @FORM@*||
|  Question%RED%*%ENDCOLOR% | @Question@ |
|  Details | @Details@ |
|  %RED%*%ENDCOLOR% indicates mandatory fields||


Warning: Can't find topic Extensions.RenderFormPluginExampleForm

%RENDERFORM{"System.RenderFormPluginExampleForm" topic="Sandbox.RenderFormPluginXXXXXXXXXX"}%

Topic Date

Plugin Settings

Plugin settings are stored as preferences variables. To reference a plugin setting write %<plugin>_<ATTRIBUTENAME>% to your SitePreferences topic, i.e. %RENDERFORM_SHORTDESCRIPTION%

You can also use template based preferences, just write RENDERFORM_TEMPLATE_<templatename>_<ATTRIBUTENAME>.

  • One line description, is shown in the TextFormattingRules topic:
    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Create new topics with simple forms like DataForms.
  • Debug plugin: (See output in data/debug.txt)
    • Set DEBUG = 0

Plugin Installation Instructions

Note: You do not need to install anything on the browser to use this plugin. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the plugin on the Foswiki server.

  • Download the ZIP file from the Plugin Home (see below)
    • Unzip RenderFormPlugin.zip in your Foswiki installation directory. Content:
      File: Description:
      data/System/RenderFormPlugin.txt Plugin topic
      data/System/VarRENDERFORM.txt Plugin Variables topic
      data/System/RenderFormPluginExampleForm.txt Example form
      pub/System/RenderFormPlugin/example.gif Example image
      lib/Foswiki/Plugins/RenderFormPlugin.pm Plugin Perl module
      lib/Foswiki/Plugins/RenderFormPlugin/Core.pm Plugin Perl module
  • Configure the Plugin:
    • Run the configure script to enable the Plugin
    • Change the Plugin settings as needed
  • Test if the installation was successful:
    • see Examples section

Plugin Info

Change History:
V1.007 (18 Aug 2010): Foswiki:Main.PaulHarvey: fixed plugin code to require JSCalendarContrib only once
V1.006 (09 Oct 2009): Foswiki:Main.PaulHarvey: added redirectto parameter
V1.005 (13 Feb 2009): Foswiki:Main.DanielRohde: fixed performance problems
V1.004 (31 Jan 2009): Foswiki:Main.KennethLavrsen: Foswikitask:Item907 Fixed a bug that causes JSCalendarContrib to stack overflow. Fix includes changing to official API way to add JSCalendar.
V1.003 (16 Dec 2008): Foswiki:Main.KennethLavrsen: Changed to Foswiki name space
V1.002 (14 Oct 2008): Foswiki:Main:DanielRohde: added layout feature; fixed date field bug; added missing docs;
V1.001 (05 Oct 2008): Foswiki:Main:DanielRohde: changed topicparent default; added and fixed docs; fixed date field bug; fixed non-word character in field names bug;
V1.000 (04 Oct 2008): Foswiki:Main:DanielRohde: Initial version
Foswiki Dependency: $Foswiki::Plugins::VERSION 1.1
CPAN Dependencies: none
Other Dependencies: none
Perl Version: 5.008
Feedback: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/RenderFormPluginDev

Topic revision: r8 - 31 Aug 2015, KennethLavrsen
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