Form Definition for Extension Packages


The first eight fields are inherited from PackageForm and should not be modified anyway.

Name: Type: Size: Values: Description: Attributes Default
Author text 60        
Version text 60   Numerical version number e.g. 1.2    
Release text 60   Release identifier (usually the date)    
Description text 60   one line description of the module    
Copyright text 60   e.g. 2015, The Artist, All Rights Reserved    
License text 60   e.g GPL (GNU General Public License)    
Home text 60   e.g.    
Support text 60   e.g.    
Repository text 60   URL of source control repository e.g.    
  label   Make your package findable: select one or more characteristics to describe it. For example:
  • Admin - access control, admin tool, authentication, automation, caching
  • Data and Files - attachment, caching, database, email, import-export, statistics
  • Development - bugs, build, compatibility, debugging, documentation, helper extension, javascript utility, library
  • Exporting, Printing and Publishing - export, printing, publishing, office, pdf
  • Information structuring and Search - changes, classification, date and time, diagram, documentation, findability, search, tagging
  • Interface and Visualisation - accessibility, css, chart, diagram, drawing, editing, skin, source code highlighting
  • Multilingual and Locality - localisation, translation
  • Security - access control, authentication, encryption, spam
  • User interactivity - blog, calendar, comment, discussion, editing, forum, poll, questionnaire, subscribe to content
  • Workflow automation - workflow, process, control
ExtensionClassification select+multi 9   Classify the package    
  label   Classify the package according to its type      
ExtensionType select 1 PluginPackage, SkinPackage, ContribPackage, WikiApplicationPackage Classify the type of package    
  label   Describe what environments the extension has been tested on / should run on; for example
  • What Foswiki versions?
  • What TWiki versions?
  • Which browsers?
  • Which server configurations?
Compatibility text 60   Compatibility notes    
IncompatibleWith checkbox 5   Foswiki versions the extension has been tested on and found not to work    
  label   The URL of an image that will be used to illustrate the package in configure. This must resolve to an absolute URL in ConfigureImageGallery      
ImageUrl text 60   A URL where the image for this package resides.    
  label   A URL where this package can be seen in action, if available      
DemoUrl text 60 http:// A URL where this package can be seen in action    
  label   A URL where users can get support, and talk to other users of the extension      
SupportUrl text 60 PackageForm A URL where users can get support, and talk to other users of the extension    
  label   What do you want people to do before making modifications to this package?      
ModificationPolicy radio 3 PleaseFeelFreeToModify, CoordinateWithAuthor, FollowsReleaseProcess What does the author wants you to do before making modifications to this package. FollowsReleaseprocess is only used for the set of default extensions that ship with Foswiki.   PleaseFeelFreeToModify
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