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Easy Timeline Plugin

Generate graphical timeline diagrams from markup text

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. This is certainly true for graphical timelines. A detailed listing of events and dates in tabular form may offer the reader a lot of specifics, but may fail to provide an overview, a grand perspective.

This plugin allows one to use %TIMELINE% tags to generate a timeline on the fly. This plugin is equal in function to the EasyTimeline Plugin for MediaWiki by Erik Zachte, on which this is based.

For first time users EasyTimelinePlugin may not seem that easy at all. As with all script languages it takes some getting used to. Also the syntax description may be a bit bewildering due to its sheer size. Fortunately many elements of the script language are optional.

The 'Easy' in EasyTimelinePlugin conveys the message that once a timeline exists it is not that hard to understand, enhance or correct.

Full syntax and markup description is available at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:EasyTimeline/syntax.

Note that sometimes the WYSIWYG editor can break the timelines, by removing white space and the macros. To prevent the WYSIWYG editor from being used on a topic with the timelines, you can use the following setting:
  • Set NOWYSIWYG = 1


Timeline markup


Icelandic Heritage Example

Pretty standard timeline, easy to extend.

Pre-rendered sample:

Plugin (if installed):

%TIMELINE% ImageSize = width:270 height:300 PlotArea = left:45 right:0 bottom:20 top:20 AlignBars = early

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:1944 till:2005 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:4 start:1944

Colors= id:1 value:rgb(1,0.4,0.2) id:2 value:rgb(0.8,0.6,0) id:3 value:rgb(1,0.8,0) id:4 value:rgb(1,0.6,0.2) id:5 value:rgb(0.6,0.2,0.2)

PlotData= bar:Leaders width:25 mark:(line,black) align:left fontsize:S shift:(25,-5) anchor:middle

from:start till:1952 color:1 text:"1944-1952_Sveinn Bj�rnsson" from:1952 till:1968 color:2 text:"1952-1968_�sgeir �sgeirsson" from:1968 till:1980 color:3 text:"1968-1980_Kristj�n Eldj�rn" from:1980 till:1996 color:4 text:"1980-1996_Vigd�s Finnbogad�ttir" from:1996 till:end color:5 text:"1996-_�lafur Ragnar Gr�msson" %ENDTIMELINE%
ImageSize = width:270 height:300
PlotArea  = left:45 right:0 bottom:20 top:20
AlignBars = early

DateFormat = yyyy
Period     = from:1944 till:2005
TimeAxis   = orientation:vertical
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:4 start:1944

  id:1   value:rgb(1,0.4,0.2)
  id:2   value:rgb(0.8,0.6,0)
  id:3   value:rgb(1,0.8,0)
  id:4   value:rgb(1,0.6,0.2)
  id:5   value:rgb(0.6,0.2,0.2)

  bar:Leaders width:25 mark:(line,black) align:left fontsize:S shift:(25,-5) anchor:middle

  from:start till:1952 color:1  text:"1944-1952_Sveinn Bj�rnsson"
  from:1952  till:1968 color:2  text:"1952-1968_�sgeir �sgeirsson"
  from:1968  till:1980 color:3  text:"1968-1980_Kristj�n Eldj�rn"
  from:1980  till:1996 color:4  text:"1980-1996_Vigd�s Finnbogad�ttir"
  from:1996  till:end  color:5  text:"1996-_�lafur Ragnar Gr�msson"

Windows Versions Example

An example of multiple parallel timelines. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.


ImageSize = width:800 height:142
PlotArea  = width:720 height:112 left:65 bottom:25
AlignBars = justify

Colors =
  id:16BIT      value:redorange
  id:16BITFADE1 value:orange
  id:16BITFADE2 value:lightorange
  id:9XLINIE    value:green
  id:9XLINIEFADE1 value:yellowgreen
  id:9XLINIEFADE2 value:limegreen
  id:NTLINIE    value:magenta
  id:CELINIE    value:skyblue
  id:black      value:black

Period     = from:1983 till:2005.5
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:2 start:1984
ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:1  start:1983

  align:left textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:28 shift:(3,1)

  bar:16-Bit color:16BIT
  from:1983.83 till:1994.83 mark:(line,16BIT)
  from:1994.83 till:1995.83 color:16BITFADE1 mark:(line,16BITFADE1)
  from:1995.83 till:1996.83 color:16BITFADE2 mark:(line,16BITFADE2)
  at:1983.83  text:Windows 1.0
  at:1987     text:Windows 2.0
  at:1990.33  text:Windows~3.0
  at:1992     text:Windows~3.1
  at:1993.83  text:Windows 3.11

  bar:9x-Linie color:9XLINIE
  from:1995 till:2001.83 mark:(line,9XLINIE)
  from:2001.83 till:2002.83 mark:(line,9XLINIEFADE1) color:9XLINIEFADE1
  from:2002.83 till:2003.83 mark:(line,9XLINIEFADE2) color:9XLINIEFADE2
  at:1995  text:Windows 95
  at:1998  text:Windows 98
  at:2000.83  text:Windows ME

  bar:NT-Linie color:NTLINIE
  from:1993.5 till:end
  at:1993.5  text:NT~3.1
  at:1994.67 text:NT~3.5
  at:1995.33 text:NT~3.51
  at:1996.5  text:Windows~NT 4.0
  at:1999.92 text:Windows~2000
  at:2001.58 text:Windows~XP
  at:2003.17 text:Windows~Server 2003

  bar:CE-Linie color:CELINIE
  from:1996.83  till:end
  at:1996.83 text:CE~1.0
  at:1997.67 text:Windows~CE 2.0
  at:2000.25 text:Windows~CE 3.0
  at:2002.17 text:CE~4.0
  at:2003.67 text:Mobile~2003

Binary Logic Example

This plugin might be of help in descriping binary logic execution patterns, as for instance a figure like the one below is not too hard to produce. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.


ImageSize  = width:400 height:60
PlotArea   = left:30 bottom:30 top:0 right:20
DateFormat = x.y
Period     = from:0 till:18
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
AlignBars  = justify
ScaleMajor = gridcolor:black increment:1 start:0
ScaleMinor = gridcolor:black increment:1 start:0

  bar:p color:red width:10 align:left fontsize:S
  from:2 till:3
  from:5 till:6
  from:12 till:13
  from:14 till:15

  bar:Np color:red width:10 align:left fontsize:S
  from:1 till:2
  from:4 till:5
  from:10 till:15

UNIX Versions Example

Information dense graphic, heavy use of mouseover areas. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.

This example also shows how to use hyperlinks in the timeline. Although this only uses external links, you can also use internal Foswiki links such as [[Main.WebHome][Home]]. Note that the links need to be in the longhand form as shown. Links such as [[WebHome]] and WikiWords are not currently supported.


ImageSize  = width:600 height:550
PlotArea   = left:50 right:0 bottom:20 top:10

DateFormat = yyyy
Period     = from:1965 till:2010
TimeAxis   = orientation:vertical
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:1965


  bar:UNIX color:red width:25 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:M
  at:1969 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNICS][UNICS]]"
  at:1971 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V1]]"
  at:1972 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V2]]"
  at:1973 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V3 & V4]]"
  at:1974 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V5]]"
  at:1976 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V6]]"
  at:1979 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V7]]"
  at:1981 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System III]]"
  at:1982 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System IV]]"
  at:1983 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System V]]"
  at:1984 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System V R2]]"
  at:1985 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V8]]"
  at:1986 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V9]]"
  at:1987 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System V R3.2]]"
  at:1988 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][System V R4]]"
  at:1989 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][UNIX V10]]"
  at:1992 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 1]]"
  at:1993 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 1.1]]"
  at:1994 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 1.1.1]]"
  at:1995 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 2.0]]"
  at:1996 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 2.1]]"
  at:1998 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 7]]"
  at:1999 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 7.1]]"
  at:2000 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Unix Ware 7.1.1]]"
  at:2001 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Open UNIX 8]]"
  at:2002 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][SCO Unix Ware 7.1.3]]"
  at:2003 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][Tru64 Unix V5.1B]]"
  at:2004 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIX][SCO Unix Ware 7.1.4]]"

  bar:BSD color:red width:25 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:M
  at:1978 text:"1[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1979 text:"2[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1980 text:"4.0[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1981 text:"4.1[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1982 text:"2.8.1[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1983 text:"4.2[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1985 text:"2.9[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD-Siscmo]]"
  at:1986 text:"4.3[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1987 text:"2.10[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1988 text:"4.3[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD Tahoe]]"
  at:1989 text:"2.10.1[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1990 text:"4.3[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD Reno]]"
  at:1991 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD Net/2]]"
  at:1992 text:"386[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD]]"
  at:1993 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD][FreeBSD 1.0]]"
  at:1994 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetBSD][NetBSD 1.0]]"
  at:1995 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenBSD][OpenBSD 1.0]]"
  at:1996 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenBSD][OpenBSD 2.0]]"
  at:1997 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD/OS 3.0]]"
  at:1998 text:"4.4[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD Lite 2]]"
  at:1999 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD][BSD/OS 4.1]]"
  at:2000 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD][FreeBSD 4.0]]"
  at:2001 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenBSD][OpenBSD 3.0]]"
  at:2002 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MirBSD][MirBSD]]"
  at:2003 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD][FreeBSD 5.0]]"
  at:2004 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DragonFly][DragonFly BSD 1.0]]"
  at:2005 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD][FreeBSD 4.11]]"

  bar:GNU/Linux* color:red width:25 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:M
  at:1991 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 0.01"
  at:1992 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 0.12"
  at:1993 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 0.99.11"
  at:1994 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 1.0"
  at:1995 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 1.2"
  at:1996 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.0"
  at:1997 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.1.32"
  at:1998 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.0.36"
  at:1999 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.2.0"
  at:2000 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.4.0 test 1"
  at:2001 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.4.0"
  at:2002 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.2.22"
  at:2003 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.4.21"
  at:2004 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.6.1"
  at:2005 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux][Linux]] 2.6.11"

  bar:Others color:red width:25 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:M
  at:1974 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MERT][MERT]]"
  at:1977 text:"TS 1.0"
  at:1978 text:"USG 2.0"
  at:1979 text:"UNSW 04"
  at:1980 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenix][Xenix]] OS"
  at:1981 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QNX][QNX]]QUNIX"
  at:1982 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SunOS][SunOS]] 1.0"
  at:1983 text:"Coherent"
  at:1984 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QNX][QNX]] 1.0"
  at:1985 text:"Interactive 386/ix"
  at:1986 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan9][Plan 9]]"
  at:1987 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minix][Minix]] 1.0"
  at:1988 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP-UX][HP-UX]] 2.0"
  at:1989 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeXTSTEP][NeXTSTEP]] 1.0"
  at:1990 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solaris][Solaris]] 1"
  at:1991 text:"GNU/Hurd"
  at:1992 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrix][Ultrix]] 4.3"
  at:1993 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irix][Irix]] 5.3"
  at:1994 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIX][AIX]] 4.1"
  at:1995 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicos][Unicos]] 9.0"
  at:1996 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach][Mach4 UK22]"
  at:1997 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPENSTEP][OPENSTEP]] 4.2"
  at:1998 text:"QNX/Neutrino 2.0"
  at:1999 text:"Darwin 0.1"
  at:2000 text:"GNU-Darwin Beta 2.5"
  at:2001 text:"Mac OS X 10.0"
  at:2002 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solaris][Solaris]] 8"
  at:2003 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minix][Minix]] 2.0.4"
  at:2004 text:"[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QNX][QNX]] 6.3"
  at:2005 text:"Darwin 7.8"

Life On Earth Example

Very condensed timeline. Not taking up much space, but very informative in it's layered telling. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.


# Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_evolution
ImageSize  = width:600px height:70px 
PlotArea   = width:570px height:20px left:20px bottom:20px 
AlignBars  = late 
DateFormat = yyyy 
Period     = from:-4500 till:0 
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal 
BarData = 
Colors = 
  id:grid1  value:rgb(0.4,0.6,0.4)                    # major grid 
  id:grid2  value:rgb(0.80,0.80,1)                     # minor grid 
  id:canvas   value:gray(0.95)                     # background for whole image 
  id:barcol   value:gray(0.85)                     # background for bars 
  id:gray   value:gray(0.6)                        # for colophon 
ScaleMajor  = gridcolor:grid1 unit:year increment:500 start:-4500 
BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas bars:barcol 
Define $center0   = align:center   shift:(  0, 14) 
Define $center2   = align:center   shift:(  -18, 14) 
Define $center1   = align:center   shift:(  0, 24) 
Define $large     = width:0.15in 
Define $broad     = width:0.11in 
Define $narrow    = width:0.07in 
Define $small     = width:0.03in 
TextData = 
   text:"Life on Earth" 
PlotData = 
     fontsize:S width:0.15in align:center 
    from:start till:-4000      $large   $center1   color:lightorange  textcolor:lightorange text:Formation
    from:-4000 till:-3000      $large   $center0   color:drabgreen    textcolor:drabgreen text:Life
    from:-3000 till:-2000       $large    $center0   color:drabgreen    textcolor:drabgreen   text:Photosynthesis 
    from:-2000 till:end       $large    $center1   color:teal         textcolor:teal        text:Eukaryotes 
    from:-1500 till:end       $broad    $center2   color:green        textcolor:green        text:Multicellular life 
    from:-300 till:-100       $narrow    $center1   color:blue         textcolor:blue        text:Dinosaurs 
    from:-250 till:end       $small    $center2   color:red         textcolor:red        text:Mammals 

New Kingdom Example

Typical chronological "Microsoft Project" look. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.

Btw: There's no hinderance to having the bars overlap if wanted. (I guess that's not how the Kingdom preferred it to be, though) smile View Raw Text of this topic to see source.


ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:12
PlotArea  = top:10 bottom:30 right:130 left:20
AlignBars  = justify

DateFormat = yyyy
Period     = from:-1560 till:-1050
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:100 start:-1560
ScaleMinor  = unit:year increment:25  start:-1560

Colors     =
  id:canvas  value:rgb(0.97,0.97,0.97)
  id:PA      value:green
  id:GP      value:red
  id:eon     value:rgb(1,0.7,1)   # light purple

Backgroundcolors = canvas:canvas

BarData =

  align:center textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:25 shift:(0,-5)
  bar:eon color:eon

  from: -1550   till:    -1292   text:18th dynasty of Egypt
  from: -1292   till:    -1185   text:19th dynasty of Egypt
  from: -1185   till:    -1072   text:20th dynasty of Egypt

  width:5 align:left fontsize:S shift:(5,-4) anchor:till

  from: -1550 till: -1525 color:PA text:"Ahmose I"
  from: -1525 till: -1504 color:PA text:"Amenhotep I"
  from: -1504 till: -1492 color:PA text:"Thutmose I"
  from: -1492 till: -1479 color:PA text:"Thutmose II"
  from: -1479 till: -1425 color:PA text:"Thutmose III"
  from: -1479 till: -1457 color:PA text:"Hatshepsut"
  from: -1425 till: -1399 color:PA text:"Amenhotep II"
  from: -1399 till: -1389 color:PA text:"Thutmose IV"
  from: -1389 till: -1351 color:PA text:"Amenhotep III"
  from: -1351 till: -1344 color:PA text:"Akhenaten"
  from: -1336 till: -1334 color:PA text:"Smenkhkare"
  from: -1334 till: -1325 color:PA text:"Tutankhamun"
  from: -1325 till: -1321 color:PA text:"Kheperkheprure Ay"
  from: -1321 till: -1292 color:PA text:"Horemheb"

  from: -1292 till: -1290 color:PA text:"Ramesses I (1292 BC - 1290 BC)"
  from: -1290 till: -1279 color:PA text:"Seti I (1290 BC - 1279 BC)"
  from: -1279 till: -1213 color:PA text:"Ramesses the Great (1279 BC - 1213 BC)"
  from: -1213 till: -1203 color:PA text:"Merneptah (1213 BC - 1203 BC)"
  from: -1203 till: -1199 color:PA text:"Amenmesse (1203 BC - 1199 BC)"
  from: -1199 till: -1193 color:PA text:"Seti II (1199 BC - 1193 BC)"
  from: -1193 till: -1187 color:PA text:"Siptah (1193 BC - 1187 BC)"
  from: -1187 till: -1185 color:PA text:"Twosret (1187 BC - 1185 BC)"

  from: -1186 till: -1183 color:PA text:"Setnakhte"
  from: -1183 till: -1152 color:PA text:"Ramesses III"
  from: -1152 till: -1146 color:PA text:"Ramesses IV"
  from: -1146 till: -1142 color:PA text:"Ramesses V"
  from: -1142 till: -1134 color:PA text:"Ramesses VI"
  from: -1134 till: -1129 color:PA text:"Ramesses VII"
  from: -1129 till: -1125 color:PA text:"Ramesses VIII"
  from: -1125 till: -1107 color:PA text:"Ramesses IX"
  from: -1107 till: -1103 color:PA text:"Ramesses X"
  from: -1103 till: -1072 color:PA text:"Ramesses XI"


Freeciv Timeline Example

Very spartanic look, only a few colours used. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.


ImageSize  = width:800 height:110
PlotArea   = left:80 right:50 bottom:20 top:10
AlignBars  = justify

DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy
Period     = from:1991 till:2006
TimeAxis   = orientation:horizontal
ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:1 start:1991


  bar:Civilization color:black width:20 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:S
  at:01/08/1991 text: Civilization I
  at:05/03/1996 text: Civilization II
  at:09/02/1999 text: Alpha Centauri
  at:30/10/2001 text: Civilization III
  at:25/10/2005 text: Civilization IV

  bar:Freeciv color:black width:20 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:S
  at:05/01/1996 text: 1.0
  at:01/01/1997 text: 1.2.0 # ungef�rligt datum
  at:15/05/1998 text: 1.6.0 # ungef�rligt datum
  at:02/04/1999 text: 1.8.0
  at:21/02/2000 text: 1.10.0
  at:10/08/2001 text: 1.12.0
  at:20/01/2003 text: 1.14.0
  at:16/04/2005 text: 2.0.0

  bar:Others color:black width:20 mark:(line,red) align:left fontsize:S
  at:05/04/1999 text:" Civilization: Call to Power"

Vocal and Instrumental Pitch Ranges

An example on displaying something that is not chronological at all. View Raw Text of this topic to see source.

Vocal and Instrumental Pitch Ranges Example.png

ImageSize  = width:700 height:auto barincrement:17
PlotArea   = left:0 right:0 top:0 bottom:0
AlignBars  = justify
Colors =
  id:a value:rgb(0.7,0.7,1) # light yellow
  id:b value:rgb(1,0.7,0.7) # light red
  id:c value:rgb(0.7,1,0.7) # light green
  id:f value:gray(0.8)      # background bar
BarData =

Period      = from:0 till:720
TimeAxis    = orientation:horizontal

Define $cc2  = 2
Define $cc1  = 74
Define $cc   = 146
Define $c    = 218
Define $c1   = 290
Define $c2   = 362
Define $c3   = 434
Define $c4   = 506
Define $c5   = 578
Define $c6   = 650
Define $dd2  = 14
Define $dd1  = 86
Define $dd   = 158
Define $d    = 230
Define $d1   = 302
Define $d2   = 374
Define $d3   = 446
Define $d4   = 518
Define $d5   = 590
Define $ee2  = 26
Define $ee1  = 98
Define $ee   = 170
Define $e    = 242
Define $e1   = 314
Define $e2   = 386
Define $e3   = 458
Define $e4   = 530
Define $e5   = 602
Define $ff2  = 32
Define $ff1  = 104
Define $ff   = 176
Define $f    = 248
Define $f1   = 320
Define $f2   = 392
Define $f3   = 464
Define $f4   = 536
Define $f5   = 608
Define $gg2  = 44
Define $gg1  = 116
Define $gg   = 188
Define $g    = 260
Define $g1   = 332
Define $g2   = 404
Define $g3   = 476
Define $g4   = 548
Define $g5   = 620
Define $aa2  = 56
Define $aa1  = 128
Define $aa   = 200
Define $a    = 272
Define $a1   = 344
Define $a2   = 416
Define $a3   = 488
Define $a4   = 560
Define $a5   = 632
Define $hh2  = 68
Define $hh1  = 140
Define $hh   = 212
Define $h    = 284
Define $h1   = 356
Define $h2   = 428
Define $h3   = 500
Define $h4   = 572
Define $h5   = 644

Define $max  = 650
  align:center textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:12 shift:(0,-4)
  color:a from:0    till:$max text:human voice
  color:b from:$ee  till:$e1  text:bass
  color:b from:$aa  till:$a1  text:baritone
  color:b from:$c   till:$c2  text:tenor
  color:b from:$e   till:$e2  text:contralto
  color:b from:$a   till:$a2  text:mezzo-soprano
  color:b from:$c1  till:$c3  text:soprano
  color:a from:0    till:$max text:string instrument
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:instruments where the strings are usually bowed
  color:b from:$ee1 till:$a   text:double bass
  color:b from:$cc  till:$g2  text:cello
  color:b from:$c   till:$e3  text:viola
  color:b from:$g   till:$c5  text:violin
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:instruments where the strings are usually plucked
  color:b from:$hh2 till:$f4  text:harp
  color:b from:$ff1 till:$f3  text:harpsichord
  color:b from:$ee  till:$a2  text:guitar
  color:b from:$g   till:$d4  text:mandolin
  color:b from:$d   till:$a2  text:5-string banjo
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:instruments where the strings are usually struck
  color:b from:$aa2 till:$c5  text:piano
  color:b from:$aa2 till:$a4  text:cymbalum
  color:a from:0    till:$max text:woodwind instrument
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:double reed
  color:b from:$aa2 till:$f   text:contrabassoon
  color:b from:$aa1 till:$d2  text:bassoon
  color:b from:$e   till:$h2  text:cor anglais
  color:b from:$a   till:$f3  text:oboe
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:single reed
  color:b from:$gg1 till:$d1  text:basso saxophone
  color:b from:$aa1 till:$g2  text:bass clarinet
  color:b from:$cc  till:$g1  text:baritone sax
  color:b from:$gg  till:$e2  text:tenor saxophone
  color:b from:$c   till:$a2  text:alto saxophone
  color:b from:$d   till:$g3  text:clarinet
  color:b from:$g   till:$d3  text:soprano saxophone
  color:b from:$g   till:$c4  text:sopranino clarinet
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:free reed
  color:b from:$cc  till:$c4  text:harmonium
  color:b from:$gg  till:$a3  text:accordion
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:transverse flute
  color:b from:$c   till:$c3  text:bass flute
  color:b from:$g   till:$g3  text:alto flute
  color:b from:$c1  till:$c4  text:flute
  color:b from:$c2  till:$c5  text:piccolo
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:fipple flute
  color:b from:$f   till:$c3  text:bass recorder
  color:b from:$c1  till:$g3  text:tenor recorder
  color:b from:$f1  till:$c4  text:alto recorder
  color:b from:$c2  till:$g4  text:soprano (descant) recorder
  color:b from:$f2  till:$c5  text:sopranino recorder
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:combination of flutes and reeds
  color:b from:$cc2 till:$c6  text:organ
  color:a from:0    till:$max text:brass instrument
  color:b from:$ee1 till:$d1  text:tuba
  color:b from:$aa1 till:$d2  text:trombone
  color:b from:$aa1 till:$e2  text:horn
  color:b from:$e   till:$c3  text:trumpet
  color:b from:$e   till:$c3  text:cornet
  color:a from:0    till:$max text:percussion
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:membranophone
  color:b from:$cc  till:$c1  text:timpani
  color:c from:0    till:$max text:idiophone
  color:b from:$cc  till:$c4  text:marimba
  color:b from:$c   till:$f1  text:tubular bells
  color:b from:$c   till:$c5  text:celesta
  color:b from:$f   till:$f3  text:vibraphone
  color:b from:$f1  till:$c5  text:xylophone
  color:b from:$g2  till:$c5  text:glockenspiel

  color:f textcolor:blue align:left fontsize:S mark:(line,white) shift:(3,-4)
  from:0 till:$max
  at:$cc2  text:C2
  at:$cc1  text:C1
  at:$cc   text:C
  at:$c    text:c
  at:$c1   text:c1
  at:$c2   text:c2
  at:$c3   text:c3
  at:$c4   text:c4
  at:$c5   text:c5___Note

  from:0 till:$max
  at:23    text:20
  at:65    text:30
  at:105   text:44
  at:153   text:70
  at:190   text:100
  at:232   text:150
  at:262   text:200
  at:304   text:300
  at:344   text:440
  at:392   text:700
  at:430   text:1000
  at:472   text:1500
  at:502   text:2000
  at:544   text:3000
  at:583   text:4400 Hz

  bar:pitch2 # exact copy of bar:pitch 
  from:0 till:$max
  at:$cc2  text:C2
  at:$cc1  text:C1
  at:$cc   text:C
  at:$c    text:c
  at:$c1   text:c1
  at:$c2   text:c2
  at:$c3   text:c3
  at:$c4   text:c4
  at:$c5   text:c5___Note

  bar:Hz2 # exact copy of bar:Hz 
  from:0 till:$max
  at:23    text:20
  at:65    text:30
  at:105   text:44
  at:153   text:70
  at:190   text:100
  at:232   text:150
  at:262   text:200
  at:304   text:300
  at:344   text:440
  at:392   text:700
  at:430   text:1000
  at:472   text:1500
  at:502   text:2000
  at:544   text:3000
  at:583   text:4400 Hz

Timeline of Conquests of the Ottoman Empire Example

A somewhat dense and graphic timeline; could probably be lightened with good effect :-). View Raw Text of this topic to see source.

Timeline of Conquests of the Ottoman Empire Example.png

ImageSize = width:600 height:auto barincrement:12
Period = from:1299 till:1922
TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal
AlignBars = justify
PlotArea = width:90% top:20 left:0 bottom:22

Colors =
     id:console       value:rgb(0.9,0.3,0.3)
     id:consolealt    value:rgb(0.3,0.9,0.9)
     id:line          value:black
     id:liteline      value:rgb(0.3,0.3,0.3)
     id:bg            value:white
     id:projection    value:rgb(0.9,0.9,0.9)
     id:Europe        value:coral      legend:Europe
     id:Anatolia      value:skyblue    legend:Anatolia
     id:MiddleEast    value:drabgreen  legend:Middle_East
     id:Africa        value:redorange  legend:Africa
Legend = orientation:ver position:top
TextData =
  pos:(70,258) textcolor:red fontsize:M  text:National Histories

    textcolor:black align:center shift:(0,-4) 
  bar:Hun from:1526 till:1718 color:Europe text:"Hungary"
  bar:Mol from:1512 till:1792 color:Europe text:"Moldova"
  bar:Her from:1482 till:1878 color:Europe text:"Herzegovina"
  bar:Cri from:1475 till:1774 color:Europe text:"Crimea"
  bar:Bos from:1463 till:1878 color:Europe text:"Bosnia"
  bar:Gre from:1453 till:1832 color:Europe text:"Greece"
  bar:Bul from:1396 till:1878 color:Europe text:"Bulgaria"
  bar:Alb from:1385 till:1913 color:Europe text:"Albenia"
  bar:Ser from:1371 till:1791 color:Europe text:"Serbia"
  bar:Con from:1453 till:1922 color:Europe text:Istanbul
  bar:Bur from:1339 till:1918 color:Anatolia text:"Bursa"
  bar:Sog from:1299 till:1918 color:Anatolia text:"Sogut"
  bar:Tra from:1450 till:1918 color:Anatolia text:"Trabzon"
  bar:Kon from:1460 till:1918 color:Anatolia text:"Konya"
  bar:Van from:1500 till:1880 color:Anatolia text:"Van"

  bar:Syr from:1530 till:1918 color:MiddleEast text:"Syria"
  bar:Bag from:1540 till:1918 color:MiddleEast text:"Bagdat"
  bar:Mus from:1550 till:1918 color:MiddleEast text:"Musul"

  bar:Eqy from:1517 till:1882 color:Africa text:"Eqypt"
  bar:Alg from:1518 till:1830 color:Africa text:"Algeria"
  bar:Tun from:1534 till:1881 color:Africa text:"Tunis"
  bar:Tri from:1551 till:1918 color:Africa text:"Tripoli"
LineData =
  layer:front                                            # all lines in front of bars unless stated otherwise
  at:1551                         color:yellow              
  at:1718                         color:yellow              
  at:1791                         color:yellow              
  at:1914                         color:yellow              
  at:1886                         color:yellow              
 points:(364,270)(504,249)     color:blue    width:2
 points:(504,249)(533,196)     color:blue    width:2
ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:100 start:1400
ScaleMinor = gridcolor:liteline unit:year increment:20 start:1300

Coming from TWiki?

If you are coming from the TWiki version of this plugin you will need to be aware that the syntax of this plugin has changed. The TWiki version used the following syntax:


However, this syntax can cause problems when using a WYSIWYG editor and is different than the standard %MACRO% syntax. Therefore the syntax has been changed in this version to:


There is a script included that converts topics using the old syntax to the new. Always test on a copy of your data first!

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See http://foswiki.org/Support/ManuallyInstallingExtensions for more help.

Once you have installed the plugin you should visit configure and check that the paths for Ploticus and the EasyTimeline.pl script are correct.


You should first check that the paths to ploticus and the EasyTimeline.pl scripts are correct in configure. If they are not, configure should display an error message to warn you.

If you are still having problems, you can enable the Debug flag in configure. The plugin will then print debug information to your debug.txt log file, and will also save a number of temporary files in your work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp directory.

You should also check your warnings.txt log file, and InstalledPlugins for more information.

Plugin Info

Plugin Author(s): Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
Previous Author(s): Foswiki:Main.SteffenPoulsen, TWiki:Main.MikeMarion
Copyright: © 2009 - 2011, Andrew Jones, © 2006, Mike Marion
License: GPL (Gnu General Public License)
Plugin Release: 1.4
Plugin Version: 10249 (2010-12-10)
Change History:  
31 May 2011 Foswiki:Tasks.Item10812: Replace potentially offensive example - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
10 Dec 2010 v1.4 - Foswiki:Tasks.Item10141 - Provide warnings in configure when the path's to the scripts are incorrect; Doc updates - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
09 Dec 2010 v1.3 - Foswiki:Tasks.Item10114 - Fixes for Windows; Foswiki:Tasks.Item9927 - umask fixes - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
11 Feb 2010 v1.2 - Foswiki:Tasks.Item8484 - Missing screenshot; Foswiki:Tasks.Item8487 - Set NOWYSIWYG for plugin topic; Foswiki:Tasks.Item8488 - Update pl dependency. Thanks to Foswiki:Main.BryanThale. - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
22 Oct 2009 v1.1 - Foswiki:Tasks.Item2278 - Fix hyperlinks and upgrade docs - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
13 Mar 2009 v1.0 - Foswiki:Tasks.Item1252 - New 1.0 release for Foswiki; New standard syntax and script to convert; Updated EasyTimeline.pl script; Changes to code to use more of the official extension API; Configuration items now set in configure - Foswiki:Main.AndrewJones
20 Jul 2006: Support for hierarchical webs. (Foswiki:Main.SteffenPoulsen)
22 Apr 2006: Rewrote plugin from scratch. Multiple timelines per topic and sandbox security mechanism. Generated files attached to timeline topic. EasyTimeline.pl script now shipped in plugin. Multiple demonstration samples added. Doc updated. (Foswiki:Main.SteffenPoulsen)
11 Feb 2006: Initial version
ploticus>2.4.0Required. Available from http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/doc/welcome.html. Version 2.3.2 is known to cause problems. Other versions have not been tested, so we recommend the latest.
Plugin Home: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/EasyTimelinePlugin
Support: http://foswiki.org/Support/EasyTimelinePlugin

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