Feature Proposals under Investigation

Proposals that are under investigation and don't yet fulfil the basic criteria in the release process mainly
  • Proposals must have a developer that commits to drive the feature to completion (there is no demand on how soon)
  • Proposals must have a date of commitment (to start the 14-day clock)

Topic Summary Release Tasks Item
AddFurtherTopicNameControls Add optional controls on valid topic names    
AddSortingBehaviourToSearch Add different sorting behaviour(s) to search output    
AllowFootNotePluginDeactivation FootNotePlugin should have an option for topic specific deactivation    
AutoincFormfieldPlugin AutoincFormfieldPlugin    
BorrowXwikisIncludeMechanism It should be possible to include topic sections in wiki table cells    
CachedIncludes Improve performance of nested sectional includes    
CertificatedStatisticsUpdate Add certifiable statistics update script    
ClientSiteEditorInNatEditPluggable Make the client side editor in NatEdit pluggable    
ConsolidateTablesWithData Present and edit data forms using table editors    
CronWizardFunctionalityInEachRelavantPlugin Better Crontab documentation in each plugin    
DataFormFieldPermissions Set permissions for DataForm fields    
DataFormInheritance Proposed feature for inheritance of DataForm fields    
DateAsAQueryHint Add date() as a query function    
DeKiAlikeWYSIWYG DeKi-alike WYSIWYG    
DeprecateErrorPm Deprecate Error.pm    
DynamicViewEditHandling I'd like FW to dynamically decide whether an edit page is needed.    
EasierNestedSearch Reduce $dollar    
EditChapterPluginChildSections EditChapter should always show body of a chapter, not just a title.    
EncodeMacroOutputForJavaScript ENCODE macro should have a mode for outputting JavaScript string constants    
EnhanceInsertEditLinkDialog It would be nice if TinyMCE's Insert/Edit link dialog had a possibility to search through all topic names    
EnhancedShowPreference A full record of all Preferences across all webs would help in site consistency    
EnhancementToWebMacro Suggested Enhancement to WEB Variable    
FixDelete Fix brain-dead delete    
FormPluginTopicDefnition It would be nice to be able to set the topic using form data variable substitution    
FormattedSearchReturnPatternAndCountInContext Feature Proposal: Enhance Formatted Search to return pattern and count in context    
FoswikiBookProposal A community-written book    
FuncMoveTopicIgnorePermissions It would be great if moveTopic would have an ignorepermissions option    
GeneralisedCHARTdefinition Standardise the CHART macro definition    
GroupNamesShouldBeLanguageIndependent Group names should be language independent    
GuardAgainstCopyrightInfringement Add controls and documentation to reduce infringing topics.    
ImproveAttachmentHandling Attachments need better tools for searching, tagging, viewing and file handling    
ImproveVirtualHostSupportInApacheConfigGenerator Let's get virtual hosting sorted out    
InterfacingWithValidationMethods Strikeone and friends need a cleaner API   Tasks.Item8323
KinoSearchThroughTagMeTags It would be really nice if KinoSearch could go through the tags created with TagMe plugin    
MailInContribAdditionalEmailSendTo Currently if set to "reply" on error, just the email originator is sent an email message with the error. It would be good to nominate a "CC" email address say to the foswiki admin or whoever.    
MailerContribShouldOptionallyExcludeCertainAuthors MailerContrib should not notify on changes by certain authors (incl. $MYSELF)    
ManagingApplications Manage and deploy Applications    
MicrosoftTeamsIntegrationOfFoswiki Microsoft Teams Integration of Foswiki    
MissingInsteadOfUndefined Add missing as an alternative to undefined in QUERY    
MooFoswikiPm Foswiki.pm is to be split and session object is to be reconsidered.    
MooStoreImplementationClasses Current implementation is hacky and not Moo-compatible 3.0  
MoveFoswikiCodeIntoCPAN migrate foswiki into CPAN    
MovingConfigIntoFile Moving hash based configuration into external file    
NewOODesignPlan Time to plan the new Foswiki core design. 3.0  
NoLinkToSelf No link to self    
OfferAnOpenSearchPlugin Offer an OpenSearch plugin    
OfficeConnector Provide an Office Connector like in Confluence    
OneTimeNotification One Time Notification for Topic Creation    
ParentTopicMailInContrib Specifying both topic name and parent name would be useful    
PreventRedundantFileReadsInStore Prevent redundant file reads in store 2.2 Tasks.Item13525
QueryAccessControls It should be easier to get a definitive overview of the Access Controls present on a given topic.    
QueryCustomCollections Query links and backlinks    
RemoveDuplicationInTheStore Once and for all, get rid of insane duplication in meta-data    
ReplacementForChili Replacement for chili syntax highlighter   Item11254
RequirePerl510From2017x03 Ongoing upgrade of minimum perl version    
RevCommentsTopicDelete When deleting a Topic to Trash, have the ability to enter a descriptive revision comment    
SearchBySection SEARCH should be able to search in a specified section    
SearchResultsWithHeadingLinks It would be really neat if search results contained links to headings, à la Google (or à la Bing/Yahoo)    
SectionalTransforms Enhance STARTSECTION - improve common usages for defining re-usable markup snippets    
SecurityChecklists Security checklists for the uninitiated    
SimpleChecklistSupport Support simple checklists as inspired by Evernote    
SupportDITA It would be really neat if Foswiki could fully support DITA publishing    
SupportDynamicGeneratedAttachments Support dynamic or generated attachments    
SupportHorizontalMenusThroughRenderListPlugin Define a horizontal menu with alt and title tags using a bulleted list    
SupportXMLGeneration Support an XML schema for webs/topics    
SynchroniseInlineAndMetaPrefs In-line * Set preferences should always match META:PREFERENCE, and vice versa   Tasks.Item10160, Tasks.Item1973
SyntaxForDelayingMacrosAndFormatTokens Eliminate $dollar etc hell. Also see older UseSyntaxToChangeEvaluationOrder    
SyntaxHighlightingEditor Syntax Highlighting Editor    
TasksWebFacelift Tasks web could really use a facelift    
TextEditModePreviewWindow Preveiw Window does not remember size    
TopicObjectModel Topic Object Model (TOM)    
TopicsShouldGetTypesFromFormsNotNames Topics should get types from forms (or other method) not from names (Bogus forms and templates)    
TrimAllSpaces Variation on TRIM to remove all spaces    
UntangleStorePubDirectory Separate out storage of files that are not managed by Store APIs    
UpdateEnhanceWYSIWYGEditor Update / Enhance WYSIWYG Editor    
UseRefererForRPC Use of Referer HTTP header as a source of default web.topic for RPC calls    
WantedPages Want to view a page that lists all internal links that don't yet have a created wiki page.    
WebAdminPages Default topics that handle admin topics    
WriteAQueryCookbook A query cookbook is essential to help new users    
Number of topics: 81

Topic revision: r7 - 30 Jan 2018, MichaelDaum
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