Allow Sectional Editing At

Some topics at get rather lengthy, and it is tedious to scroll to the bottom in the edit field or find a passage somewhere higher up when one wants to edit existing text.

Using an appropriate template for CommentPlugin, we could insert appropriate sectioning commands to allow the section that was inserted with the comment plugin to be then edited individually, if SectionalEditPlugin was enabled. This would give more of the wikipedia editing experience, where you can edit small sections individually, rather than having to find them in the one large text area.

-- Contributors: ThomasWeigert - 07 Jan 2007


Looks like a reasonable request. After TWiki upgrade to 4.1

-- PeterThoeny - 09 Jan 2007

Rafael added his name as Committed Develper but no date.

I added todays date

In reality it is not a feature proposal. But OK to use the process because it is a community thing.

I however raise one concern.

To my best knowledge Sectional Edit Plugin does not work with 4.2.2 and Wysiwyg. Unless I am wrong something needs to be fixed first then.

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Aug 2008

I put my name in the CommittedDeveloper field so it appear in the search for Feature Requests (that was before I added a search for request without developers).

I do have a working version of the SectionalEditPlugin and EditContrib on a TWiki 4.2.0 install. But I haven't tested it with Wysiwyg. I have not release it because I was hoping that someone implements a cleaner alternative (right now, the plugin basically duplicates core code).

Right now I have a little too much on my plate. I could release what I have so the plugin and contrib works on TWiki 4.2.x, but I cannot commit to make sectional edit work with WysiwygPlugin. I think that all the pieces are there to make the integration work, but just don't have the time.

-- RafaelAlvarez - 18 Aug 2008

Maybe send what you have to Thomas Weigert. Thomas has been communicating on bugs web lately with Crawford about how the two work together.

-- KennethLavrsen - 18 Aug 2008

What about Micheal DAums EditChapterPlugin? Maybe you should have a look at this one as well.

-- CarloSchulz - 18 Aug 2008

I would also love to see sectional editing on

-- MartinSeibert - 20 Aug 2008

I so not see any development on this. We cannot enable sectional editing with existing plugins because they do not work with Wysiwyg as far as I know.

Unless I see some proposal how to progress I will park this to another good time.

-- KennethLavrsen - 28 Sep 2008

Could someone plese update me on MultiEdit Plugin (Sectional Edit) for foswiki? Is it possible to get MultiEdit Plugin working with foswiki 1.1.3 ?

-- DhawalThakker - 11 Aug 2011
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