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Virtual Beers

Contributing to Foswiki is thirsty work. And every so often, someone in the Community does something outstandingly cool, or puts in a ton of work, or helps you out in a big way. At times like that, you often feel motivated to buy them a beer - hence the Foswiki Virtual Beer award.

We're very practical people, though, so if you award someone a virtual beer, expect to be called on to convert it to a real beer* when you meet the person face to face!

* If you don't like beer, don't worry! Virtual beers can be freely converted to the vice of your choice e.g. Belgian chocolates, Marmite/vegemite sandwiches, Cuban cigars etc.

ALERT! Don't forget that giving one person too many virtual beers can give them a sore head.

ALERT! Caution: please wait at least 8 hours after the consumption of beer before attempting to operate a wiki!

Please add to the end of the list!
Who deserves a beer When they earned it Why they deserve it Who's buying? Converted?
IsaacLin for the most awesome re-writing of many topics - ProjectCulture being the first I noticed, and many more since.. SvenDowideit, CrawfordCurrie  
CrawfordCurrie for pointing me to the literal-tag (giving me IRC support) OliverKrueger converted.jpg By organising Hannover09
KennethLavrsen for putting in a huge amount of effort into all the boring renaming / debranding work KoenMartens, RafaelAlvarez, CrawfordCurrie  
MichaelDaum, KennethLavrsen a whole beer crate for BrandNameQuestionnaireResults OliverKrueger, CarloSchulz, RafaelAlvarez (not a crate, but surely few beers if I ever meet them), MartinSeibert  
MichaelDaum and CarloSchulz for giving us a new skin identity so quickly SvenDowideit  
CrawfordCurrie, KennethLavrsen and SvenDowideit for putting so much valuable time in the first Foswiki-release. Awesome! MartinSeibert  
CrawfordCurrie BuildContrib is just so cool! EugenMayer  
IsaacLin For writing javascript for FossyTweets MichaelCorbett  
KennethLavrsen For ignoring the doubters, and implementing what seems to me to be an excellent approach to Tasks.Item393. Just do it! CrawfordCurrie converted.jpg Hannover09
KennethLavrsen For being persistently driving the release. Keep the momentum, please. FranzJosefGigler  
KennethLavrsen For not sleeping until the beta1 has been released! What a great job. Thank you! EugenMayer, MartinSeibert, WillNorris  
CrawfordCurrie For making Foswiki a much more safe program - especially with the taint related improvements KennethLavrsen converted.jpg Hannover09
KoenMartens and WillNorris Koen for the hard work getting the website converted in time for the 1.0.0 release and Will for providing this tailoring of the pattern skin as a contrib so all can benefit from it KennethLavrsen
OlivierRaginel, EugenMayer, SvenDowideit For being there almost 24 hours a day during the last week of development before the release. I never felt alone for one minute on this release. It has been hard work but especially these 3 fine developers have been there to help me fix the last urgent issues. Thank you so much. KennethLavrsen  
KennethLavrsen For going through with this release even though he had some very unfortunate personal circumstances that required him to travel to the other side of the globe. Go Kenneth! KoenMartens, EugenMayer
KoenMartens For simply giving us his server! EugenMayer
ArthurClemens For his persistent work on this sites skin (and more) making it legible on small screens again! FranzJosefGigler  
MartinSeibert thanks a lot for allyour efforts on marketing, press releases, demo videos, flickr tour and so on... CarloSchulz  
OlivierRaginel wow, for fixing all sorts of nasties, like assert_matches, ETP and that other thing I gave you so much shit for SvenDowideit  
ArthurClemens For not giving up on EditTablePlugin. You have spent many hours of work on this plugin and as someone depending on it in my daily business I am very greatful for this effort. KennethLavrsen  
KennethLavrsen, OlivierRaginel For allways beeing extremly helpful on #foswiki (no matter how dopey my questions were). StefanPalm  
MichaelDaum For being extremely helpful with some key clarifications about the ldap contrib which allowed me to nail down the last step of our ldap integration. IngoKappler  
CrawfordCurrie For spending a lot of time implenting the CSRF protection for 1.0.6. Fantastic job. And a feature that shows the competitors our rear lanterns as we just move forward with the pedal to the metal. KennethLavrsen  
CrawfordCurrie For solving my Question209 smile Thank you!! TorbenGB  
MichaelTempest For amazing patience, fortitude, and exceptional analysis skills in finding and fixing so many Tiny MCE-related problems, and for continuing to apply those skills to the core, to the benefit of us all. CrawfordCurrie  
JensHansen For driving the process of founding the Foswiki Association. The crate of beer also goes to all of the founding members (virtual beers preferably converted to real ones on the first general assembly). MichaelDaum  
SvenDowideit For introducing WikiGuest to me OliverKrueger  
KoenMartens For arranging that we got a new server and for arranging contributions for the funding of it KennethLavrsen  
KoenMartens For taking the effort and upgrading our site to current shipping version, even if it meant taking some beatings for it. KennethLavrsen  
KennethLavrsen For driving the 1.0.7 release with all its important bug fixes! KoenMartens  
CrawfordCurrie For the CSRF protection code, making Foswiki safer than all the other collaboration suites out there together! KoenMartens converted.jpg Hannover09
ArthurClemens For redesigning the Foswiki homepage. MartinSeibert  
MichaelDaum For taking care of the TWiki- and Foswiki-Tweets on Twitter and helping TWiki-interessees to get to know Foswiki. MartinSeibert  
OliverKrueger For organising, hosting, running (and paying for) the excellent Foswiki 09 summit. Respect! CrawfordCurrie  
DanielRohde For helping me with all my HolidaylistPlugin issues. Thanks a lot, really cool! IngoKappler  
SvenDowideit For putting tegether FoswikiOnaStick - fantastic - it has really helped me demo the wiki within my place of work......fingers crossed I can get it taken up!!! NeilGood  
AndreUlrich A long overdue VirtualBeer for working with the pootle people and making a reality. WillNorris  
  • For continued support and fixes right when you need them.
  • Support under fire, above and beyond
  • unbiased Interfacing of the developer and user communities
WillNorris For the new PackageViewTemplate and the Tabbed Extension view. A great step forward in usability of the Extensions support environment. GeorgeClark  
SvenDowideit For taking the plunge and starting active Foswiki development on a Windows platform MichaelTempest  
GeorgeClark For the impressive quantity of bug-fixing and general improvements, particularly configure/installer code PaulHarvey  
MichaelTempest For implementing the Selenium browser-in-the-loop WYSIWYG tests, and numerous difficult WysiwygPlugin bugs PaulHarvey  
PaulHarvey For tackling the documentation that ships with Foswiki MichaelTempest  
CrawfordCurrie For doing thankless tasks that need doing, to the benefit of us all, like updating and rewriting the documentation (in particular: the slow, steady work on CommandAndCGIScripts comes to mind) MichaelTempest
GeorgeClark For giving the ReleasePlan some much needed attention and TLC. MichaelTempest  
AndrewJones For some really quick and good help related to AutoCompletePlugin! EnrikGuenter  
GeorgeClark For the serious piece of work on Release branch bugs that will make 1.1.3 an even more stable release. And for upgrading f.o. to 1.1.3 without a hacked skin KennethLavrsen  
GeorgeClark March 2011 For the excellent work George has been doing in the emergency room on triage, resuscitation, and geriatric care. CrawfordCurrie  
Babar & GAC410 in IRC Apr 2011 Patience of Job dealing with a numpty on a 1.1.3 upgrade epic fail. BobCorless  
OliverKrueger and MichaelDaum June 2011 For developing the great AutoViewTemplatePlugin. I just noticed it has been working for the last months and making my job easier. Thanks a lot. GilmarSantosJr  
Babar Sep 2011 For taking care of, upgrading several software packages n stuff. You rock. MichaelDaum converted.jpg Geneva11
Babar Nov 2011 For being such an excellent host for Foswiki Camp 2011 CrawfordCurrie converted.jpg Geneva11
gac410 pharvey Nov 2011 For implementing all the weirdest ideas I have, and helping out users when I'm not around as sometimes I have to sleep OlivierRaginel  
GeorgeClark Dec 2011 Deserves a loud beery cheer for excellent work on keeping the release momentum going, and working to streamline the process with 1.1.4 CrawfordCurrie  
GeorgeClark Jan 2012 Patiently helping me get email working with a new Foswiki installation NelsonConley  
MichaelDaum May 2012 For his latest extensions, especially TopicInteractionPlugin, althought its name isn't very intention revealing. wink FranzJosefGigler  
GeorgeClark May 2012 For his untiring fight against the windmills in form of TinyMCEPlugin and WysiwygPlugin. Don't give up on them. FranzJosefGigler  
GeorgeClark July 2014 For his great help via the IRC (GAC410), always positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and seemingly tireless (the timezone's a killer!) TrialTest  
JozefMojzis, CrawfordCurrie and GeorgeClark April 2015 To Jozef for reporting configure issues and to Crawford and George for fixing them wink FranzJosefGigler  
GeorgeClark July 2015 For giving many plugins the necessary TLC to make them work on Foswiki 2 again, and of course for actually releasing FW 2.0 FranzJosefGigler  
GeorgeClark Oct 2015 For the fantastic piece of work as a release manager driving 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 to get back to the high quality level Foswiki is known for KennethLavrsen  

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