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FoswikiCamp is a new initiative to organize regular Foswiki meetups of about 3 days free-style foswiki-ing. All you need is you yourself, probably a laptop and some time to socialize.


This is a list of rough ideas for sprints during FoswikiCamp2015. These don't have to be completed on a sprint and most probably will have to be followed up afterwards depending on the complexity of the started idea. Nor should all take place at a single one sprint. Instead, these are topics people have in the back of their mind when they come to a FoswikiCamp and that they might want to team up on. Some of these sprints might be "coding" sprints, some are more non-coding like improving docu, do some interface stuff, write up blog postings or whatever you want to sit down and discuss.

None of these topics have the status of an "official" program or something

Some of these ideas might need a real dedicated FoswikiSprint where enough people gather under this specific topic. This however should best be organized separately and made clear that this is a, say, DocuSprint or something.

Topic Interested Parties
move prefs beyond store api JulianLevens
improve documentation JulianLevens, GuilainCabannes
solr install sprint MichaelDaum, GuilainCabannes
"what's next" - creating a roadmap for 2.0 MichaelDaum, GuilainCabannes
beefing up using 1.2.0 MichaelDaum
angular skin for foswiki MichaelDaum
idea: implement an ImapPlugin and a web mailer wiki app MichaelDaum
idea: implement a SanePlugin to scan in documents directly into the wiki MichaelDaum, GuilainCabannes
create a series of 1-2 minute videos showcasing a specific feature of Foswiki, then upload to youtube MichaelDaum, GuilainCabannes
foswiki API supporting a SPA (single page app) skin AndreLichtsteiner
Idea : debbuging wizard web app (based on diagnostic/decision tree) GuilainCabannes
Idea : openId authentification GuilainCabannes
Idea : Wiki network : or how easily interconnect wiki (auth, view, move, copy) into an distributed wiki over several location (step after InterWiki, CopyContrib) GuilainCabannes
improve ergonomics GuilainCabannes
re-launch web app example, with classic need : crm, ticketing, etc GuilainCabannes
feedback of 5 years experience of using Foswiki for product development GuilainCabannes
Buildcontrib and debian package GuilainCabannes
PSGI/Plack (again)  
Testing the imminent release, and fixing problems revealed


Some questions/remarks:

-- GuilainCabannes - 18 Mar 2015

Hello I hesitate to register to the camp, since I am not sure about the targeted audience. So far it seems that most of you are foswiki core team or close, not "regular admin / user" as I am. My goals would be to learn, maybe bring a suggestion or two, and ideally come back with a working install with NatSkin, SolrPlugin, ... Should I come it would be partly thursday and friday. Cheers, MichelMallejac

-- MichelMallejac - 18 Mar 2015

MichelMallejac, if you come your needs will be accommodated. We may or may not be core developers, but we need people like you to keep us on track. I know that that I would really like to understand what you need from Foswiki rather than what I assume every Foswiki user needs.

GuilainCabannes: My prefs stuff primarily relates to an SQL based store I'm working on. Once that's complete more work will need to be done in the core to really gain the benefits. Currently you can only read a whole topic, whereas for prefs you only need the prefs (partial topic).

-- JulianLevens - 20 Mar 2015


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