Good behaviour

  1. IRC has lag, so wait a few seconds before hitting return to let the last speaker finish.
  2. Respect the chair. The chair has control over the meeting. If they say "SHUT UP" everyone must IMMEDIATELY shut up!
  3. Interrupting another speaker is RUDE. Don't do it (unless you are the chairperson!).
  4. Don't flood the channel with irrelevant remarks, observations, or off-topic rants.
  5. You may not feel the meeting is proceeding the way you would like; bite your tongue, everyone is doing their best, and if you say something in the channel you just add to the noise.
  6. If someone has missed the point, clarify it for them in a private channel. Do not flood the meeting channel.
  7. The chair may kick anyone who misbehaves (or ask for them to be kicked by another op)
  8. If you feel ignored, ask the chair for the chance to speak.


When the chair asks for a vote, they will type VOTE: proposition
  • To support the proposition, vote using +1, or you can remain silent which will be taken as implied assent.
    • You cannot add conditions to your vote. They will be ignored. The vote is on the proposition only.
  • To counter the proposition, you must write -1.
The chair may cancel the vote at any time, or may ask dissenters to clarify why they countered the proposition. The final decision rests with the chair.

The only possible conclusion of a vote at the community meeting is an action, which will be recorded by the minute taker in the channel as ACTION: Description of action


If you have a constructive proposition, for example that may help break a deadlock, type PROPOSE: proposition and wait for the chair to recognise you. The chair will defend your right to speak.

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