Agenda Sixth General Assembly

See the SixthGeneralAssemblyMinutes for the minutes and Irc log of assembly.

Time and Place

The 6th General Assembly will be virtual, using IRC channel #foswiki-association on the freenode network.

If you cannot be present at the General Assembly you can still use proxy participation according to the articles.

Time & Date


  • IRC, Freenode, #foswiki-association

Current Chair and Board

Chair LynnwoodBrown
Treasurer JulianLevens
Member MichaelDaum
Member PaulHarvey
Member GeorgeClark


(Appoint minute taker)

I. Call for quorum

Please send an email to the board if you cannot make it to the Assembly. Each member present can represent up to two other members.


The following active members asks to be represented according to § 9.7 of the AssociationArticles.

Active Member Represented by Scope
... ... ...

II. Election of two vote counters

Please see AssociationVoting for the different options regarding how to vote.

III. Induction of new members

As article 5 says that new members must be proposed by a member and supported by two additional existing members

At the day of the G.A. these are

Name Proposed By Supported By 1 Supported By 2

IV. Election of the of the Board of Directors and substitute members

We elect 2 board members this time.

The two board members standing down are MichaelDaum, PaulHarvey (who were elected for a 2 year term)

Proposals for board members (if you do not accept, please use strike to remove yourself, so you don't get added again):

Proposee Curriculum Vitae Proposer
CrawfordCurrie previous and good Board member - please, come again MichaelDaum

For votes about people the vote should be anonymous to the degree it is practical. We will repeat the method from last year and simply send the votes by email to the two vote counters.

V. Non-Board Auditors / Financial Report

Financial Statement

OliverKrueger and JulianLevens present

Auditors report

PadraigLennon and CrawfordCurrie give their audit result

Acceptance of financial statement can happen by open vote (clap of hands is normal unless there are objections).

Election of two auditors for the next year

(the auditors have the duty to review the accounts when the financial year is over)

Election can happen by open vote (clap of hands is normal unless there are objections).

VI. Proposals received from the members for Bylaws

Vote for each of the ByLaws suggested.

VII. Misc

a) Regular Schedule for Assembly

The board has instigated a regular date for the GA. This will create a consistent schedule; maintain momentum and improve the efficiency of the board.

This date is the 3rd Friday of February each year at 1300Z.

However, the problem that the project faces is that we have participants from the west coast of the USA all the way to the east coast of Australia. It is very difficult to pick a time that will suit all parties. A reasonable 8 am start for the west coast of the USA will result in our Australian colleagues having to attend well past midnight. Conversely, we can set a time many hours earlier that would appease the Australian contingent but be asking our West Coast colleagues to get up seriously early.

The time of 1300Z is a compromise but not an ideal one. There will never be a perfect option here, but there are some possible mitigations:
  1. Move the GA to sometime else in the year where the Daylight Savings Time reduces the pressure
    • e.g. Move to late March/early April
      • USA Northern Hemisphere — Australia Southern Hemisphere
      • This is a two-hour reduction in the size of the time Window involved
      • March/April may be tricky because of Easter holidays
  2. Keep careful track of members and their intent to participate. If members at the extremes do not intend to participate, then we could adjust the timing to suit.
    • Downside is being able to inform members of the final (adjusted) time in a good way

This proposal is to discuss if the current regular GA time is suitable or to move to an alternative date and time.

VIII. Closing

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