Agenda Initial General Assembly

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After the Association is created by a core team and interested community member received membership this "Initial Community Assembly" will be used to approve the association by the community. The articles will be approved and a community approved board will be elected .

As follows a proposed agenda:

Time and Place

The Initial Community Assembly takes place on November 21st / 22nd, 2009. The physical location is Hannover, Germany.

Remote participation is possible through IRC channel #foswiki-association on the freenode network and through some sort of conference call.

If you cannot be present at the Initial Community Assembly you can still use proxy participation according to the articles.


The chairman of the core team or, in his/her absence, the deputy chairman presides over the General Assembly (AndreUlrich and/or IngoKappler).


I. Call for quorum

II. Election of two vote counters

Please see AssociationVoting for the different options about how to vote.

III. Initial seeding of members

As article 5 says that new members must be proposed and supported by existing members, this initial assembly will need to get the ball rolling.

Current membership applications:

Number of topics: 17

IV. Vote for the proposed articles

  • Change proposals for the articles from members will be voted first.
  • Then the whole article set will be voted with the changes already proposed.

V. Election of the of the Board of Directors and substitute members

  • We elect 3 board members for a two year term
  • We elect 2 board members for a one year term
The two terms will be voted separately. First for the 2 year term, than for the one year team.

Proposals for board members:
Proposee Curriculum Vitae Proposer Seconder
KennethLavrsen Long term release manager for (tm)wiki and Foswiki. Track record of commitment to the project. CrawfordCurrie MarkusUeberall
CrawfordCurrie One of the very active developers with many contributions in (tm)wiki and Foswiki; professional consultant. IngoKappler MartinSeibert
MichaelDaum One of the very active developers with many contributions in (tm)wiki and Foswiki; professional consultant. IngoKappler AndreLichtsteiner
SvenDowideit Key core contributor to Foswiki and earlier code base; professional consultant. IsaacLin KoenMartens
ArthurClemens Contributed many extensions and PatternSkin; user experience strategist IsaacLin MartinSeibert
OliverKrueger One of the very active supporters of Foswiki. Contributes code and gives outstanding support in the channel. Has good feeling for finance, legislation and tax. He would be valuable especially for financal and legal issues. JensHansen KoenMartens
KoenMartens Good guy! AndreUlrich EugenMayer
LynnwoodBrown Because he's a long term contributor and will do a good job CrawfordCurrie KoenMartens

VI. Election of the two auditors

(the auditors have the duty to review the accounting done when the financial year is over)

VII. Proposals received from the members for Bylaws

  • Vote for each of the ByLaws suggested.

VIII. Vote on forwarded motions (if any)

Accepted members

  1. AndreLichtsteiner
  2. AntonioTerceiro
  3. ArthurClemens
  4. CarloSchulz
  5. ColasNahaboo
  6. CoriaXu
  7. CrawfordCurrie
  8. DrakeDiedrich
  9. EugenMayer
  10. FranzJosefGigler
  11. GeorgeClark
  12. GuruprasadIyer
  13. IngoWolf
  14. KennethLavrsen
  15. KoenMartens
  16. LarsEik
  17. LynnwoodBrown
  18. MartinRowe
  19. MartinSeibert
  20. MichaelDaum
  21. MichaelTempest
  22. Nynke Fokma
  23. OlivierRaginel
  24. PadraigLennon
  25. PaulHarvey
  26. RaulFRodriguez
  27. RafaelAlvarez
  28. RaymondLutz
  29. ReinhardWeh
  30. RuiProcopio
  31. StephaneLenclud
  32. SvenDowideit
  33. Shawn Beasley
  34. ThomasPHaeck
  35. WillNorris
  36. Sue Blake

Deffered Proposals

At the time of the assembly, these people were unknown or not (yet) associated to current members:
  1. DonWennick
  2. StefanPalm
  3. MartyBrandon
  4. JustinMeadows
  5. NathanDye

Nominations for the board

Nominees Votes
Arthur Clemens 14
Crawford Currie 26
Ingo Kappler 8
Kenneth Lavrsen 18
Koen Martens 14
Michael Daum 17
Oliver Krüger 18
Sven Dowideit 18
variouse 2

Votes are collected and counted by MarkusUeberall and AndreLichtsteiner

19 Votes onsite and 8 remote votes were counted.

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